Lifestyle changes....updates....

Well, my loverlies, my life has been through a LOT of changes this past year.
I made some commitments...I broke some...I renewed some :)

After the very successful "Bodice Challenge" of June and into July, I continued on with the advance teachings of a modified Atkins diet along with a couple of colleagues. I went to Rick McIntyre in Marcellus today to his practice of Natural Solutions and had a consultation with him.

I brought my documentation of dates/blood pressure readings/weight scale readings/pulse for the last 2 months.
I have lost 16 pounds since the Bodice Challenge the beginning of June! Of late though, the weight has plateaued and he said it's because muscle weighs more densely than fat, so things are changing over.

He did a bunch of metabolic testing on me with Kinesiology as the basis.

Overall, my diet is wonderful. Health is great. Very strong. Have some issues with hormones (well, duh) and also some yeast in digestive tract as well as a small low grade problem that is all making the liver work harder to do it's job. He prescribed a few natural remedies and I have started them.

There is also an issue with some scarring. Evidently, your body's meridians act much like your house's wiring.
Say you put a nail into the wall, and it pierces a wire. Obviously this wire goes somewhere and the disruption in the wire could cause a lot of havoc either with the electrical path or burn your house down in general.
So it is with injury and scarring. Sometimes, the scars that we bear have disrupted the meridian path and can lead to toxins building up in that area. Kinda like a burr on a sink drain. At first not much happens. But after awhile, a build up of dirt and crud finds it way to clinging on the burr and over the years this accumulates and then you have a clogged drain. So it is with scarring.

Who knew?

I have been given some Wheatgrass oil (Sesame Oil also works well) to rub into a couple of substantial scars that are evidently causing some health problems with overall absorption and metabolism.

I know it must sound like mumbo jumbo to you.  So does Chiropractory to some. No he didn't use leeches. :) (altho of all the medieval treatments....leeches ARE still used in standard medicine to this day.)

Even some vaccination spots have caused problems for people.

All I know, is that he pegged a couple of my problems without me mentioning my niggling fears or doubts about them.

I am on a clearer path. My mood swings and flying off the handle in the past have pretty much dissapated. Had a bit of a misunderstanding with someone yesterday and it really didn't bother me like it would've in the past. I just chalked it up to a learning process of personality styles.

I am still off sugar, white flour, pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, cookies, candy.

Very little fruit is being eaten right now except for cantalope (which is alkaline and easy to process).

The weirdest thing is that I am (and have been since a child) lactose intolerant.
 HOWERE....without the carbs in my diet I can enjoy eating dairy. (Altho I don't drink milk and haven't had a glass of cow's milk in about 30 years) I am eating cheese, yogurt and it's all good.

Am making smoothies in the morning of the following:
1 cup almond milk/1 cup plain yogurt/1 pk. stevia/1 scoop lemon-lime Super Green food
and it is oh so YUMMY!!
Very alkalizing and GOOD for you too! (the super green food also comes in berry and chocolate!)

Aiming to try to get my body chemistry from being "acidic" to "alkaline" which is where health lies they say.
(Most folks who get cancer or have bad health issues have an acidic body chemistry....)

Read this book if you get a chance "Crazy Sexy Diet" and "Crazy Sexy cancer". (The woman who wrote those had inoperable cancer and by changing her diet to an alkaline one has gotten rid of her cancer without surgery, chemo or radiation!!)

I must tell you, upfront,  that I have no indigestion, no gas, no acid reflux, I'm sleeping better and my skin looks amazing. I'm not starving either.

Blood pressure is at a wonderful level.

So all in all....

A goodly update and I am happy with all the progress. He said to keep up the eating habits (proteins and veggies a little fruit) and once some of the detox is done and the scarring issues and yeast in intestines is gone, more weight should come off easily.


I can still have a few drinks a week and it's not gonna hurt anything.

HUZZAH! get Harry on the same path. :)

Well.....Rome wasn't built in a day.....

baby steps, steps.

Good health to you all!

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LynnieBee said...

HUZZAH, Lovey!!! So proud of you :) I'd like to talk to you more about Rick Mcyntire and your cosutation and cost, etc, I may want to see him too :)