The Weight Loss, Metabolism,Diabetes & Sugar Jigsaw Puzzle

Just took a credit free course at the college with my 2 office mates on "Weight Loss & Metabolic Syndrome".
How very interesting and scientific!

The is the study of Insulin, Glucose, Insulin Resistance and pH balance in the body.

Our bodies are a complicated machine.
We feed it all sorts of shite.
Good stuff as well as bad.

And Gods bless it but STILL the body keeps pumping along....regardless.

Oh, it may not be functioning to it's maximum efficiency....
but we keep one foot in front of the other, don't we?

But for a machine to really function well, it should be in balance. (Ask any mechanic!)

This is the theory about metabolism.
It's about balancing pH levels and blood sugar.

High blood pressure, cholesterol, hyperthyrodism, hypoglycemia, arthritis, and diabetes are all very common ailments these days. This study and formula addresses all these issues.

My father was a Type 1 Diabetic. He died from it. It is an awful fucking disease which will chew you up. Literally. I saw it happen, as did my whole family. He fought with it and his health his whole life. Shots every day and sometimes two....or Insulin reaction and shock. The loss of toes, the way the body DOESN'T heal itself, but decides to shut down on itself, incrementally. It's a horrid way to go.

Evidently, Diabetes has been treated with Insulin (as well it should be) but it can also be treated and sometimes eliminated, by diet!)

I don't want to be "pre-diabetic". I want to drop these extra pounds goddamit.
Even though I've been doing great with my health regimen- post "Bodice Challenge" :)
and even tho' I am exercising every day, the weight isn't coming off like it used to.
It's the curse of aging, hormones, diet and .... metabolism.

So, I am undertaking a 10 day "Metabolism Jump Start" with my friends Debbi and Stephanie at work and we are all going on this program together.

Basically, for 10 days you eliminate from your diet the following foods:

Pasta, Rice, Bread, Potatoes, Cereal, Fruit and ALL sugars (cookies, pies, cakes) from your system.

I told Harry The Pragmatist about it and he was interested because he doesn't like being on high blood pressure meds. So his question was, NOT "What am I supposed to eliminate?"

BUT......more to the point:

"What CAN I eat?"

Well, you live on meats, fish, dairy, (read: protein) and LOTS of veggies, teas and water for the 10 days to bring the inflammation in your cells back to a normal level. Once the inflammation of your cells gets under control, your cells are able to go back to absorbing the nutrients in your system that it now has to reject because there is a blockage of inflammation there preventing it. That's why there is so much cholesterol floating in people's bloodstream. It can't be absorbed by the cells! So when you get your blood work done and the doctor says you have high cholesterol, it's because of this!

But here's the good news!


Isn't this fucking amazing???

Then once you have gotten your system adjusted, and blood sugar normalized, you can then add back in slowly, some of these other foods back into your diet. If you wish.

So I'm trying this!

For 10 days and see what happens.

It's only 10 days.

Hey, I've already proven with the "Bodice Challenge" that I can give up bread. (did that for 5 weeks and I didn't die...)

How'ere, I will tell you that fruit will be a real tragic loss for those days tho.
As will the goodies in Anita Figgins Baked Goodie Basket at faire.....

Today is Day 4 for me, having already had success over the last few days and even did this program while at FAIRE!

This plan is much like the Atkins Diet (which got LOTS of flack and great results over the years) and is also much similiar to the "Fit For Life" program by the Diamonds back in the 80's (which I liked a lot and helped me over the years....but this current plan has you eating dairy and meat, while the Fit For Life plan was more vegetarian in nature.)

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE eating meat. I have canine teeth to prove it. I love RARE they say in Texas, "Just knock the horns off it and drag it across the grill".

My only issue about meat, is the current business of raising, production and the harvesting of animals for the table. It is not humane. It is NOT how it used to be on our farm, where we cared for the animals, and they experienced good food, a social life and room to move around and a quick death.
No, current meat production and harvesting is CRUEL and inhumane.

So, I try to buy the best meat I can, bless the animal's offering and eat it.
I will look for local and organic meat suppliers if I can to solve my dilemma.

This plan also has the requirement that you test your urine (or saliva) every morning to find out your pH....
to see whether your system is in balance, acidic or alkaline.

I am currently in the mind set that "Balance" is good.

I am a Gemini and always in desperate need of BALANCE.

Thinking back at my past.....
at all the wild woman rages, mood swings, crying jags and otherwise temper tantrums, depression episodes or manic phases that I've gone through, I can now see DIRECTLY to the link with them to food, the lack of it, and the drop in my sugar levels.

This is like an EPIPHANY for me.

It all makes so much sense to me now.  The things I've gone through, and subsequently put others through, have been a product of blood sugar levels!
(Of course sometimes the kids WERE naughty, and sometimes the world WAS unfair, and sometimes my men WERE assholes, but my reactions to them probably could've been dealt with better if my sugar wasn't whacked, I'm thinking....)

My pH balance at the start of this was sooooo totally acidic in nature that it didn't even REGISTER on the pH scale. Today, after 3 days, I am starting to see a change for the better on the pH test strips. I'm still "acidic" but at least it's registering on the low end of the scale. I also don't feel so out of control or angry. I'm more at peace with my life and going with the flow of what is a bit better.


It's just that simple?

Testing for and accommodating daily BALANCE in my life through eating more protein, less sugars/carbs and monitoring my reactions through a pH test strip in the morning.


To be totally honest.......

It's really NOT the reason I thought I'd ever get pissed tested


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