First Sterling Faire Day!

Ok so someone told me, "Break a leg and not a bodice string" and I laughed.

Later on at the cottage at the faire, I went to go get into my Moresca bodice at faire....and....
I was missing a lace! ACK! The parade was about to set off in 20 minutes....I RAN to Moresca's booth with my pouch. Passing Looney Lucy I said, "Eegads, this morning is not starting well! Missing a bodice lace!" as I passed clutching my ample bodice swinging in the breeze.

I flew into Moresca and said in panting breaths, "I'm in desperate need of a bodice lace!"
The girl behind the counter said 2 magic words:
"One Dollar".
"Grand!!! Can you also truss me up like a Christmas Goose?"

As I walked past Looney Lucy again on my way back to my cottage I said, "That was the best damn dollar I've spent all day! Now at least my tits are in place." She laughed her husky sweet laugh.

Had a great day. Lots of people, dust, beautiful sunshine. The day was hard to push volume for sound today. My voice is a little sore and husky....and I ate very well, veggies and good stuff....and tonight Harry bought pizza and wings for dinner.

READ: I ate my first bread and cheese in 5 weeks! YUM! But I kept myself to one piece.

I was able to climb the hills like a pro and I feel MUCH better than most years.....

The Bodice Challenge was a SUCCESS.

And I guess the whole bodice lace was there to remind me to not "Undo" myself and hang it all out. :)

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