Bodice Challenge Day 29....counting down to finish line...a week from today

Tonight was a truly fabulous night. Saw my dear friend Ada, whom I've not seen for years. She came over and I drove her over to pick up Shawna and then Jesse and she was able to see their residences. She was as proud of them as I am. Ada and I have been grand friends since I was 18! She's been through damn near everything with me over these many years....first living on our own...fledgling wings...we were "nudists" and "vegetarians" (or at the very least "exhibitionists" and "health nuts") when we lived in Texas, the land of rednecks...back in the late 70's.

We went to friend's Jim & Anna's house and met up with my other musician and writer friends and we ate and drank very well. Shawna swam like a dolphin for a good hour solid. Had poetry readings and songs by campfire with best friends in the moonlight while fire flies danced their salacious come hither dance for their prospective mates.

Been feeling strong, strong willed, strong armed and liking it. Coming into my healthy Crone and liking it.

Here's today's Bodice Challenge info for my update:

1) Walked Monty

2) Food:
Breakfast: Fresh melon and cereal with almond milk
Lunch: A tin of smoked oysters and 6 triskits and 1/2 a fresh tomato with pepper. YUM.
Dinner Party: small helpings of Tabbouleh, Tortellini w/ asparagus, Greek olives, a chicken and sage sausage (grilled- no bread) roasted veggies on skewers, 3 glasses of wine and some of Denise's "Apple Betty" which I renamed "Apple Betty Crack" (ok, I HAD to try it's AMAZING and I'm going to make it for our 4th of July party. I will let you know how it turns out. I hope it's as good!!)
Snack: 1 piece dark chocolate.

3) Creativity: Worked on ren vest for friend. Was getting pretty far along until my needle busted. (Fuck) But tomorrow is another day :)

4) BP: 103/76
I enjoyed my day.
I enjoyed my walk with my darling doggy.
I enjoyed the food.
I enjoyed the company.
I enjoyed the sewing.

I enjoyed life and ME.

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