Committments, Empty Nests and Big Blue Eyes :)

Touching down on my committment updates of which I haven't done in quite some time.

In staying true to myself, I am committed to being upfront in these matters.

First, the biggest news...I CAN SEE! Yup. I could probably get a prescription in awhile for distance, but I am really ok driving fine and also reading WITHOUT GLASSES or CONTACTS.

Simply amazing. Some folks kept telling me "OH! The colors you will see!" And while the colors are nice and all, it's the DETAILS that I'm loving.
Check this out: I've actually had a friend or two say that I should "get glasses" because they can't get used to me without them! I said, "but I never wear glasses at faire all summer. Know what? This is my "love-making face". Suck it up and get used to it.":)

Blood pressure is down by my monitoring it faithfully and daily for a month now. Was 140/90.
This morning's was 99/71. All from just diet, exercise and supplements. No medicine.
And (break out into "Fiddler on the Roof's" song, "Wonder of Wonder"~)
Miracles of Miracles......
Harry went to the doctor and agreed to lower his BP with medication.

I nearly fainted. :)

(Hey never underestimate the power of a Crone :)
I am loving him HUGE for it too!

Music is coming along good. Working on the next CD now: "Heroes & Rogues". Have had to go stop/start between operations for me and Monty and gigs and car repairs and taxes,
it's a MAGICAL CD and we are excited about the tracks, the artwork and the theme. It is coming along!

Also working on a Civil War Show. Have to learn some new music for that. Will have to gather together a special stage outfit for us both. ( sad when a Garbaholic must acquire a new outfit :)

On the writing front: while my "Sentence a Day" Journal worked for a couple of months, it did more than that. It just sparked me to write and focus.
It gave me the desire to get it together in a more manual way.
My writings are currently being gathered from hill and dale and a kabillion floppy drives and are being amassed into chapter/section form. I am actually starting to get excited that I have a chronological, comprehensive list of stories in several subjects! This could actually happen!

 So that's good.

Have also consulted with a couple of writer friends on continuing a couple of our collaborative stories. Would like to see another adventure or two within those stories and come to some conclusion would be grand...
Besides the fact that it's just a damn lot of fun to write a progressive story with friends!

Been walking Monty and doing good on my health. Am eating meat only about once a week or so. Lots more veggies. And are you sitting down? I have dropped back drastically on my alcohol consumption. (We won't even mention the Sambuca Debaucle around New Year's here. You know, NEVER drink it after the whiskey has run out. ::Read::: I've switched to WINE.)

Altho, I did push off my promise of monthly Chiropractor appointment in lieu of all the eye stuff. I will get back to it eventually.

The year has been fraught with car and house repair, body repair....I guess everything falls apart at once, eh?

But some things are coming together.

I'll admit it has taken me quite awhile to regroup during this time, keep up with daily life and still try to dream some new dreams, and stay in touch with friends and family during this empty nest stage I've been going through in the last 6 months.

All in all, I still live a bit of a Fairy tale life.

Speaking of which, the Story Book Club has been grand fun, and the next one will be "Faery Tales". The people in this group are a lot of fun and clever and creative!

Speaking of Creativity, I need to keep working with the Creativity Circle. I canceled the one in April because I couldn't lug my sewing machine or bend over to work on my laid out backdrop on the floor. But I will need that backdrop soon....I also need to figure out a couple of flags for the Civil War Show for a backdrop.

Still want to Garden a bit.
Still playing music.
Gonna try to Keep on Keeping On....
Wanna still be a babe....
Gonna try to clean my desk :)


I have finally brainwashed, I mean, CONVINCED Harry into allowing me to order a dumpster brought to the property :) To "SORT". :)

Spring Miracles....They are all here.

See you at faire :)

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