The Art of Extreme Self Care

Of course you know I'm a book hound.
This health care stuff I'm going through all started with a book. You know, one of those "Self help" books that I'm so fond of reading. (that, and the fact that I was having trouble reading them with my vision)

I have bunches of books or that I have borrowed from the library. I'm always trying to fix something and make it better. House projects, relationships, songs, or my personal flaws.

Of course, I have to confess....I did buy "The No Excuse Workout Book"....which I NEVER READ.

Well, If I actually READ it.....I wouldn't have an excuse then, would I?

But surely I digress. :)

I belong to a book club called "One Spirit". It's a great club. I really only use and abuse it at Christmas time anymore, as I have so many books, am always reading two or three at a time and now have limited my addiction to giving books for the holidays. Hey....I have POINTS. I'm SCOTTISH. :)
Currently, I have an Outlander book at my bedside. It's been there a loooong time. Because I read approximately 2 & 1/2 pages and I'm done for the night. I mean, it's warm, it's toasty, I have my doggy by my side and he snores, and well, it's hypnotically impossible to stay reading for any length of time.

The other books I currently have going are down by my reading chair, they are: "A Wizard's Beastiary" by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart (for my Grey School Animal Communications course), "The Crazy Sexy- Eat your Veggies, Ignite your Spark, and Live like you Mean it!-Diet" by Kris Carr and "Plato-His Life & Teachings" by W. Norman Pittenger.

I also have Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" and "Animal Medicine" by Jamie Sams and David Carson always on my handy shelf for emergency reference needs. The Hay book is helpful for sickness and getting well and the Animal Medicine book is great for referring to daily life omen imput from the wild.
Like,"a deer just jumped in front of my car" or "I have about 20 turkeys in my backyard" and "what does it all mean, Basil?"
But what I wanted to chat about, besides my love of books today, is a book that had really started me thinking. It's called: "The Art of Extreme Self Care- Transform your life one month at a time" by Cheryl Richardson.

The thing is that it takes you by the hand and works out things in your life one month at a time. That IS the best way to "eat an elephant" bite at a time. And this book is very good for that.

I have a lot of readers of this blog. YOU, for instance. And folks have told me how much they enjoy the varied stories, from music, to fairies, to pirates to daily life dealings here at my home at Squirrel Haven.

I'm glad. I like being a storyteller, and if I didn't write, it would squirt out somewhere else.

Some folks have even gotten a new Pirate outfit,

started courses at Grey School of Wizardry,

started playing an instrument, or started research on a subject,
they say, its because of these writings.

And that makes me happy too.
So here's the deal.
You know I've had to go get a blood pressure monitor because the doctor said it was higher than normal. (140/90).
So I did. 
I took my first reading the day before yesterday, after I was somewhat calmed down after my surgery. My husband fixed it up for me, and got me started. I took it the reading and it was DOWN! (Of course, I am really trying to make some changes, such as: only 1 cup of coffee in the morning, 1 glass of wine in the evening and I HID my salt shaker!) Well, damned if the first reading wasn't 123/80!
Hey! That is a lot better!
I guess change is good!
I can DO this!

But here's where I went wrong.

I asked my husband to do it with me and we could monitor our readings for a month. You know, supportive and do this together. At first he balked. Then he did it. His initial reading was higher than mine at the doctors' office. His was 149/99. He laughed and shut it off. I didn't think much of it.  He did it, I was glad, we got an initial reading and then that was that.

And here's where I went wrong again. The following morning, I reminded him to do it again.

You know, like a "daily thing". NOPE. No way, no how, not ever again was the answer and direction (along with one south) I was given. That, and the statement that followed was:
"the only reason I have high blood pressure is not because of all the coffee I drink or fast food, or being overweight that you say...but because YOU are making me take my blood pressure!"
And he took off.

Well, my response was: "you can run away, honey, but you still have high blood pressure."

So this is where YOU come in.
I can't make anyone do anything.
That's apparent.
 Any woman who has a husband already knows this.
But I can try to help you.

Along with all the pretty things of getting your nails and hair done, (which I do suggest you do, for your own happy sake)...

Have you put off a doctor appointment?
Do you need to go to the dentist?
How about the gynocologist?
Eye doctor?
When was the last time you got a physical?

Yes, it costs a bit of money....I don't have insurance. I know this as well as anyone.

But YOU are IMPORTANT to me.


I want you to live a long time. So, if you get a chance, get your heart checked, get your blood pressure checked. And if you need to do something to fix a problem, do it. It doesn't really take that much effort to relieve those niggling doubts and fears and you will feel better for it.

I promise you.
Would you think about it, for me?

And in the meantime, I will keep on, keeping on doing my best to be a good example

(or a horrible reminder)

and I will continue to clean up after the ostrich.

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