Well, me loverlies, today is the last day I will have to "invent & imagine" my right eye makeup. It's always a challenge putting on makeup anymore, without inner visions of old lady misplaced makeup reverberating thru my imagination. You know the ones, the old ladies with the lip liner that's not where it's supposed to be, or garrish colors on the eyes (or sort of on the eyes). I don't want to be that lady. Altho' now I have MUCH more sympathy and understanding of that lady....

Just so I won't forget the standings here's what it looks like from my point of view now.

If I close my left eye (my PIRATE eye) I view the world as if someone has smeared vasilene all over a glass lens. I do see colors, but not detail. And let me tell you of night driving! Whoa, but some people pay GOOD money to have a view like this (altho, they are tripping at the time...)
Oncoming headlights are multi-dimensional! They look almost like a clover leaf that has been ignited on fire.
Spikes, spirals, twinkling rays of delight! Or as my friend Val put it (who just had her cataracts done) "Poinsettas! Everything is Poinsettas!" Yah, but poinsettas that are illuminated by Times Square.

The most disturbing thing is this, "Is that oncoming car IN my lane???"
(close left eye) "No".
(open left eye) "YES".
At this time I am busy going thru the house, vacuuming, mopping the bare hard wood floors, trying to get all our laundry done, maybe stocking the cupboards and fridge for easy to cook things for my recoup time.

I guess I shouldn't "bend forward" or "pick up anything heavy" or "get any soap, water or anything in my eye" for about 2 weeks. At which time, I will have the 2nd surgery, so I'll have to do that all over again.
"Anything heavy" constitutes 25#. No soap or shampoo? No HOT TUB?? No shower? Believe me, I will figure something out even if I have to bandage my face up, but I'm not going to give up a bath now and then!

I am also going to try to do one more take of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again/Johnny I hardly knew ye" today for the CD. I am also planning on crawling into my attic and digging out my Easter/Ostara goodies and decorate for spring. This means getting out a myriad of bunnies, chicks, ducks and all and decorating my "altar" and my stairs. This will make it cute and festive and give me something fun to look upon over the next few weeks as spring approaches. My statue of Pan and Buddha and Angels and Crosses all look with wonder at the chicks and bunnies perched so playfully next to them. It makes everyone happy on the shelf. And I have to do all this before I go to work I best get crackin!

The doctor also told me that after surgery that day, "No cooking". (yay!)

I told Harry that I already have a hankering for Steamed Dumplings.   I have been being really very good about my food choices since Monday. (Hey THREE WHOLE DAYS!)
No salt.
No sugar (if you don't count 4 squares of dark chocolate :)
1, count 'em, 1 glass of red wine in the evening.
No meat.
Have cut WAAAAY back on bread and carbs.
Have walked Mr. Monty Joe every day.

But in looking back to my childhood, I see where some of my food issues come from. Because after those horrid doctor visits when I was younger (that I told you about in yesterday's story) my dear old mom, Bernie Brown, would swing by McDonald's and get me a "treat" for being good (i.e. getting a shot). Sort of the "spoonful of sugar" Mary Poppins philosophy. We all know that Mary Poppins was "practically perfect in every way". She had it down.
I repeated this exercise with my kids too and we usually went to McDonalds' for a strawberry shake or french fries (they could only pick one) as a reward for their hard doctor visits too.

So after that "sharp stick in the eye" tomorrow, (the one that Merry Mischief always talks about.....)

If I am a very good girl at the operation ....
that means I get Steamed Dumplings tomorrow :)


LynnieBee said...

You will definitely have earned them :) Best of luck with the surgery tomorrow, you'll be in my thoughts :)

Myriah said...

Smooth sailing for your surgery tomorrow, am sending soothing energy to calm the nerves, uplift the spirit, reassure the mind, and strengthen the body. It'll be over before ya know it, and the result will be wonderful!
Love ya!

Debbi said...

I love steamed dumplings!!... I am soooooo jealous, when I had mine done, I got to cook hot dogs on the grill because it did not require bending forward.