A Typical Faire Day Poem

Bodice jingle
Laces tight
Tuning guitars
Drum strapped on right

Trolls big and furry
Pink Army Boots
Scarlett O’Hara
Harps and Flutes

Bunnies in Peril
Wing-ed Fowl
Knights on Horseback
Magic Cur and Owl

Pickled Garlic
Pickled Mates
The sound of the cannon
Opens the gates

Banners snap
Children giggle
Men watch the ladies
Trussed up that jiggle

Baskets of Music
Lugged here and there
When sung out loud
Waft sweet on the air

Chivalrous Rogues
Buxom Wenches
Mundanes sit tired
On bales and on benches

Kings and Queens
Beggers and Thieves
Tightly cinched bodices
Sport Billowy sleeves

Doodads and Whatnots
Rats and Tit Mice
Roaches and Privies
Make you think twice

Full tankards of ale
Goblets of Wine
Sips of free Meade
Make me feel just fine

Spuds and Pretzels
Turkey legs are greasy
Elizabethean for the gentles
Made terribly easy

Add an “Aye” or a “Nay”
When you are not sure
Make you sound as if
Ye’ve lived in Schruppshire

Hugs and Kisses
Chain maile and flowers
Here is where we want
To spend hours and hours

To the Pub! To the Gate!
Let no man tarry
Romance is here
On the day that you marry

So make haste
Prithee, Sire, Look!
These are the things
You keep in scrapbooks

For when we are old
When we finally seize up
We will remember the days
When there was Faire in our Cup