Minstrel Tales from chilly Florida

We had a very nice jaunt over Alligator Alley and made our way to Coconut Creek over by Fort Lauderdale to Star and Mikal's house. They are friends of Jay & Abby and they had included us in their visit. We sat by their pool, ate, drank and were merry!

We left the following day, Harry and I said our goodbyes, and made our way back to the campsite to check out our tent. Glad we did! Evidently, while we were gone this week...it must've rained like a bastard. First off, we were greeted by a site manager who said to us, "be careful where you park back there that you don't get stuck!"

Oh goodie.

We drove back to our campsite and found our tent was now sitting in an ocean! And inside our tent was also.... another ocean! Harry took off his shoes and socks, rolled up his jeans and waded behind the tent and pulled tent stakes, while I emptied out the tent of chairs and table. THANK GOD we didn't have sleeping bags or fabric or clothes in there! There was at least 4 gallons of water INSIDE the tent.


So we set to work and over the next 1/2 hour, we dumped the "bucket o' tent" and drained it.
Then we aired it out, dried it.... and moved it out of the swampland (which WASN'T swampland when we left it there....)

We drove to Dre' and Max's and were met at the door by....(drumroll) their NEW DOGGY! They had some heartbreak earlier in the week, with the bad health news about their cat, Radar...and had to put him down. After a few days of grief, they decided to open their home and hearts again to a rescue dog, which they named "Willow".

We all had fun playing with the dog and had a pizza feast and partied with them and then stayed up too late for a "school night" (faire night) and went to bed at 11pm. I had a phone call out to Talon at home re: some info I needed at home....and he called when he got home from work (at midnight). I, of course had gone to bed at 11pm and fallen dead asleep. The phone call was welcome as we needed to hear from him and also get the info...but after hanging up the cell phone with him...I fell back asleep immediately...until the cell phone rang again at 1am. It was Ben Beavers. I was sort of groggy and incoherent. He asked, "Which one is your tent?" And I answered, "Yes, you can sleep there" :) and fell back to sleep.

That is to say, I slept between 2 hot flashes and some weird dreams.

In the morning, we drove into faire today and were greeted by the sight of an ambulance at the gate....then as we were traveling in, to find yet another ambulance inside blocking the way to our tent. A minor catastrophe...which they didn't transport for....

Ben was still asleep in our tent. He woke up and told us, "It was a bit DAMP."

I told him..."You should've seen it yesterday!"

The day was a great faire day, lots of music! Jammed at the Manna Booth, played with the Harpies, also Jay and Abby...where we worked out a tune all together for the pub sing...

It was a VERY breezy chilly day. Granted, it's no sub-zero weather like we have back home...but it's NOT balmy!
Saw Jim Greene/Emerys Fleet and he asked us, "WHY did we come down to Florida?? For this weather?" I said "I think I have as many layers on as I do at Dickens!"

Indeed, I had on tights, stripey socks, knickers, skirt, chemise, bodice, cloak and fingerless gloves. It was sooooo chilly that the faire decided to CLOSE before pubsing!

Unheard of at Sterling Faire. We've played in piss down pour rain and hail and sleet....

But, still, we jaded northerners (Merry Mischief and The Harper & The Minstrel) were indeed VERY glad tthat the call was made to go home a 1/2 hour early.

As we drove towards our home away from home for the evening...I felt my fingers finally getting warm...kinda like that hot feeling you get when you have frostbite....

signing off from the not so balmy Florida site...
Your Wandering Minstrel


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