Chinese food and other delicious things :)

Good morrow my dearies :)

Here I am at the Pub....I had to wear my glasses. Unfortunately, something happened with my contacts and something irritated my eye REALLY BAD on Saturday late...So, thusly, I had to wear my glasses the rest of the day and on Sunday. I dearly hope my eye turns back to normal instead of the Vampire bloodshot eye that I was sporting this weekend...I hate wearing glasses for performance...but I must needs take care of myself... )

Merlyn praying to Bacchus with our song, "Say Good Master Bacchus"
I had a fine last night with my friends (who are really more like family :).

Here are Dre' and Max and Aidan :)

Ravyn and David :)
We all piled into Dre' & Max's house after faire, and after showers, and while sitting on the comfy couch (read: "broken from faire" :) we all chipped in and started ordering anything and everything we wanted from the Chinese take out menu. We sent those willing for an adventure to the Chinese place, who gave us the word that it would be "20 mina" (20 minutes :). Usually it is 10 mina....but this was a big order. Of course they don't take a phone number. They must use Chinese fortune cookies to figure out who's who with orders, cuz no matter where I've been, when you call in an order...the NEVER ask your name or even take your phone number. I guess they know you are starving and you will come for it. They will know your order from anyone else's by the gleam in your steamed dumpling eye.
Who knows? I'm psychic, but I still couldn't guess your order.

So after ordering about what seemed like a $1000 worth of Chinese food (which was actually under $80) the food arrived and we laid out a line of dishes: Steamed Dumplings, General Tso Chicken, Hawaii 5-O, Shrimp & Cashew, Diced Chicken w/ Almonds, Beef w/ Garlic sauce, Broccoli w/ Garlic Sauce, Bourbon Chicken, Fried Wontons, Fried Rice, Hot & Sour Soup, Spring Rolls and Egg Rolls, Pork Lo Mein (and Free Sweet & Sour Chicken). But here's the kicker. NO FORTUNE COOKIES.
(Insert depression face here). We feel the owe us a BAG. :)

Watched a news clip on Fox news as the press was at the faire. Jay (who I've dubbed "The poster child of the Renaissance Faire) was supposed to be on TV AGAIN :) He looks like an Elf. An Elf in green playing a harp. Of COURSE he'd be on TV forthe faire. So we all settled down to watch the interview with Jay. Poor sweet Abby, his pretty and talented minstrel wife always gets passed over it seems during these interviews as Jay Elfish. So we waitied patiently for the Fort Myers Medieval Faire promo slot to come up. And there it was....starting with Jay's fingers on the harp....and den?
Abby's interview!! YAY! Abby got to actually "TALK" on screen!
We were happy for her. Happy for them both and well....Jay took it well.

I crashed and burned first...and I slept like a rock and we now have the day off. Ravyn and Dre' also have the day off, so maybe an adventure will ensue. I know Harry would like to see the Ford and Edison Mansions, as would I.....will have to see how the day develops....

I know I need to sort and repack the Suburu and all the garb (which happens to be a jumble in both our room here and in the car. It's like an explosion of costuming ....)

The pubmaster Pirate, Hoppe, made this great sign for us last year. On the back he put a fun slogan
"Side 2 is free with every purchase" :)
Jay and Abby are leaving us all today and off to points south this week....we hope to meet up with them on Thursday again in Deerfield Beach..

Will keep you posted on the adventures to come.

Here's a couple of pics I thought you might like :) (Thanks Dre!)

This is Me....blogging away....with laptop and a friend on my lap...
Her name is...Clover :)

This is the Troll at the Faire with Aidan... Harry has a pic of me with my Troll friend too, will post it sometime soon or when we are back at home to upload it for you...

Here are some of the folks at the Manna Booth....Harry and I love to drum with the guys here at the Manna Booth every year. Fortune telling, drumming, dancing, hugs...they all happen here :)

Here is Max and Will playing at the Manna Booth....Doesn't Max look like Talon?
And it is rare to see Will the Fiddler with a guitar! :)

I would like to add some of Harry's pics...trying to work that out...he's taken some good pics...but I don't have a way to upload them at the moment....Until then, I will snag ones from others (being the pirate that I am :)

Max and one of the Jousting horses...(Not Katie...)

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