Faire Friends :)

Well, today has been a good one....
woke up in Ravyn's comfy bed at 6am and was too creaky to sleep anymore...
laid there and thought about getting up till 7am.
Was glad that Ravyn is also an early riser and when I emerged from the bedroom, leaving Harry happily snoring (after driving straight for 14 hours yesterday...) she was already putting on the coffee :)

We had a lovely chat all morning!

Harry & I took off for Fort Myers early afternoon, got to the faire, found Jay & Abby and we set up our tent next to them. We have spent ....so far...a total of $250 on gas to get here (and the tank is full even as we speak for that). I think we spent that on getting the Cottage to PA last year....

We checked out our stages at the faire, walked around, checked in with the boss :)

Then we drove to Dre' & Max's house for dinner. She's a wonderful cook. She made Lorie O's Butternut Squash Soup and a great salad with spinach and strawberries.

I've laid out our garb and have "moved in" for the duration, even fluffing out the garb to unwrinkle and putting it all in the closet on hangers.

We look forward to the faire tomorow. The temperature should be about 70 degrees and sunny.

I am NOT looking forward to leaving here at 7am in garb to be at the faire for morning meeting....

so goodnite me dearies.

We are technically and finally.... HERE. :)

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LynnieBee said...

Yay!!! Have a wonderful time!!! *envy for your garb-wearing*