Be Prisoners of Love till you lie in the sod.

Well, me loverlies....

The day dawned chilly indeed. Arriving at the site, we hear MUCH snoring, snorting and huffing coming from withing our tent where Big Ben was sleeping. I turned to Harry and I said, "Hey, I didn't know we loaned our tent to an angry Clydesdale!" We had to laugh. That boy can rattle the windows!

At the faire, we saw familiar (for home, not here) frost on the grass on the way into the gate! We put on lots of layers....

It was really a great day! The day warmed over the hours and we shed layers as the day went on....
I bought a new ring, and we did
a bit of shopping...stopped by the Garlic Festival booth, and bought a couple kinds of pickled garlic and a couple jars of specialty mustards...YUM!! :)

Saw some friends from far and near....made new friends. :)

Turned around while singing to a boothie, and saw...out of the blue...Linda & Steve Webster from our home faire in NY! They had planned it and never let us know...just showed up :) What a fun surprise!

Harry shopped and ordered a ...........(drum roll...brrrrrrrrrrrrrr) a new pair of knee high boots...with silver buttons up the side.

Had a break and then used a short period of time to break down the tent and pack it in while it was daylight. Figured that after pubsing and goodbyes and settling up with all there that it would be dark. And it was by then. We just had to put away instruments and drive off and we are all "bugged out".

We had several magic moments:

Had "Miss Wisconsin of 1947" stop by to see us....she was sporting a lovely pink gown, princess hat with long veil...(and as Harry noted) army boots. :)

We were stopped by one of the gypsy dancers at the Manna Booth. She said emphatically, "I need to know something! You sang a song a few years ago to me and it's been stuck in my head. I LOVED it.It was about a bantam pony, it goes like this..." (and she hummed the melody of Witch of the Westmoreland)
Harry says, "Oh, that's a song we know! It's called "Witch of the Westmoreland", we are going to your booth right now...we'll play if for you!"
She literally jumped up and down and said "WOULD YOU???"

It was as if she levitated!!

So we went to the gypsy manna booth, settled in and sang for this beautiful girl and she listened intently and tears rolled down her eyes while we sang this lilting song for her. We were paid in grateful tears. It was indeed a great moment.

Then continued playing there and jamming with many musicians for quite some time!

Ran our "Garbaholics Anonymous Meeting and Fashion Show" here...a regular Sunday night event at all the faires we our last show of the day! We enabled, supported and encouraged many rennies (and those in denial :) to keep being themselves!

Here are a few awesome Garbaholics:

Had something really special happen today too. Got stopped by the Faire Director who asked us to play the final song at the faire for the last night. Now, generally, Empty Hats plays this song (it's the director's favorite). Unfortunately, Empty Hats wasn't there this year.
It was an honor to be asked to step up and fill in for them....We asked anyone to come sing with us, including Looney Lucy....we also called up The Harper & Minstrel and also Will the Fiddler and anyone else that wanted to sing or play. And it came off really nice. It was nice to help out with it rather than the faire floundering and doing a different song rather than their regular one. Someone even posted on Face Book tonight after hearing the song for the very first time: "I don't know where the phrase, "Be prisoners of love till you lie in the sod"....but I'm tattooing it on my forehead. It means a lot to me with what's going on with me."

Which I thought was kewl, don't you?

We are packing up this morning....saying our goodbyes and heading back to the frozen north.

Everyone has been so good and sweet to us....we are truly blessed minstrels :)

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LynnieBee said...

That all sounds so wonderful, I'm glad you had such a good time, minus a few misadventures :) Travel safely home :)*hugs*