A True Yule Faery Story :)

Don't you just love it when you get Yule surprises? I had a big one the other day.

Remember when I last wrote to you, I mentioned that I wanted to get back in touch with faeries and my spirituality and feelings of enchantment and wonder with them?

Well, here's a TRUE story:

Harry & I were working a gig at a mall type market last weekend...as wandering minstrels...caroling...spreading Merriment and Mischief :) We stopped to talk to a vendor. She said she loved anything Celtic, so we played "Flower of Scotland" for her...and then she dropped a couple of Earthen/Pagan hints so we played "Witch of the Westmoreland" for her. She was beaming. Harry then mentioned (I don't know why, except that it's been on our minds...) that I've been reading a book on Faeries. She asked me the name, and when I told her quickly about my Fairytale book discussion club, a look of curiosity spread over her face.

She then asked me, directly and out of the blue: "Is it true you want to speak to faeries?"

This took me aback a bit, but I said, "Why...yes...YES I do."

It look like a loud bell had rung in her ears. She then made a sweeping gesture of taking a ring off her finger and handing it to me. "Then THIS is for YOU."

"You are giving me this ring?" I asked her in disbelief. (remember that I don't know this person, have never met her before these two songs....)

"Yes. I just bought it on eBay. I didn't think it was for me. But it is a ring for Faery Communication. It must be for you. I have only had it (she looked at her watch) not even 20 hours. It is meant for you with my blessings. I bought it from a website where a woman is selling some of her family treasures."

I didn't know what to say, but stammered a hearty "Thank You" and put it on the finger that I've been searching for a special ring for. It fit PERFECTLY.

Just then, in the aisle, a shopper walked by with a large sign of a "Fleur de Lis" and I KNEW that the faeries were at work here! It was MAGIC. (I had just the day before written my blog about the faeries!! They surely work fast!!)

She gave me her card and even though we wanted to talk more, we got pulled away as minstrels to go work the crowds some more.

I wore the ring all day. It IS unique. I got some info from her about it. Here is the info that prompted this person to buy it....it is viewed below as well as a picture of the ring itself:

                         ~FAE COMMUNICATION~

Welcome and thank you for visiting my auction. I can't express the gratitude and affection I feel for all of my wonderful clients, for the friendships we've formed, the things we've shared and the paths we continually explore together. So many of you return again and again and I can't think of a better testament of magical authenticity than that. I've never tried to convince anyone that magic exists because either you believe or you don't but I do invite you to come in, get comfortable, and visit for a spell. Share in my family's rich heritage of magic and enjoy the tippets of wisdom and guidance passed down from generations of witches that you will find in many of my pages. I am always happy to answer questions and to help you along your own magical path, so please visit often, stay long and learn much. All are welcome.

This lovely 'Coven of Blackthorn Fairy Magic Ring' belonged to my Aunt Dariana and was cast with a powerful spell which absorbs and transforms negative energy thereby opening a portal to the Fairy World allowing it's owner to see and hear fairies as well as other magical creatures who reside on a slightly different plane. This spell was cast beneath a full moon and blessed by the Fairy Queen of Blackthorn Forest herself. This lovely ring is graced with a beautiful and unique flower design with three silver petals and two purple petals, it bears no mark inside the band but it is silver tone and is a size 8.  This ring is truly beautiful, unusual and full of magic. Dariana always said that if you want to be successful in communicating with fairies, you should take care to keep your home clean and neat as fairies dislike clutter. She always put honeyed milk and saffron cakes in a window sill for them at night and she had many plants and flowers that fairies are known to love growing in her garden which is a favorite place for fairies to visit. She wore this talisman often when talking to the fairies and I have always been enchanted by it. This ring is charged to amplify one's authentic traits and characteristics. It helps one to recognize and to feel the creativity which is within the self, providing inspiration and imagination in all situations. This amulet can be used to strengthen the memory and to instill faithfulness and loyalty with respect to love, personal affiliations and business relationships. It has been used to assist one in becoming "invisible" in circumstances where one does not wish to be noticed just as fairies are invisible to most humans. It can also be used to awaken both the psychic and the mystical qualities. It has been blessed with moon-infused waters by all thirteen members of The Coven of Blackthorn and is very special. It can be worn during spell casting to relieve stress and for emotional stability and it will bless it's owner with the rare ability to communicate with fairies and other magical creatures who will gradually appear to you with more and more strength and form. My Aunt Dariana, a beautiful Romanian Gypsy Witch who married my uncle while traveling through Europe with her family many years ago. Theirs is truly a fairytale story and one of my favorite family legends! My uncle, who was born into a wealthy and very magical family in York, saw Dariana while she was dancing at a local fair as a very young woman. As soon as their eyes met, he knew that he had to have her. There was never a question that his family would accept her since they also come from a very long line of magical people, so the two families blended and shared their magic with one another. Of course, there were other problems with society in general, but my family overcame all of them and my aunt and uncle lived a very happy life together traveling all over the world. Dariana continued her family’s traditions, developing and practicing her magick until she died several years ago at the age of 104. It is said that her magick was blessed by the Faery Queen of Blackthorn Forest herself who loved Dariana very much and trusted her above all humans. She left most of her jewelry and charged treasures to me with instructions to distribute her beautiful magical possessions all over the world without making it too easy for just anyone to obtain them. Though the opening bid will be far less than it is worth, it will not be won by someone who cannot appreciate the power of this special ring. After much consideration and thought, I think this is the best forum in which to offer it though pictures simply cannot do its beauty justice. Please check the shipping calculator before bidding. I will look forward to meeting the rightful owner of this beautiful amulet very soon. Thank you for visiting my auctions! Brightest Blessings!

Is this WILD or WHAT???

Now here's the OTHER wildness....

1) Harry & I have been trying to remove the house of some of his clutter (it is true that Faeries hate clutter)

2) As some of you know, I have often joked that if I could ask for a Super Power, I would ask for the "Power of Invisibility" and here is a ring with that as one of it's attributes!

3) The ring fits my wedding ring finger perfectly. Our wedding rings need to be re-sized after all these years, and our relationship has grown and changed into a magical thing. Harry already bought himself a magical replacement ring a couple of years back at the ren faire....but I resisted. Recently, I've been looking at rings for myself. What would it be like? Well.....
Something SHINY.
Something DIFFERENT.
Something of meaning to me...
Something that gave me Joy when I looked at it..
...oh...I don't know..".I'd know it when I see it sort of thing"...
But I haven't had ANY luck in the past 6 months of looking. All the rings were so...so...ordinary.
And then this ring comes along! A ring with a history of a love at first sight (much like Harry's & mine). A ring surrounded with hearts (they are on the sides all around the edges) A ring with magic and imbued with the powers and traits I'm looking for, a ring with attributes that protect and dispel negativity around me, in me....

4) A ring that made it's way to me, not by ME buying it for myself, but from a stranger, through a process that was difficult for HER to even get it. And she handed it to me, with grace and panache and generosity. I don't know how much she bid for it. She said that she just HAD to buy it. She was wearing it at the time, and KNEW it wasn't for her. Then I came along....

(Insert Faerie laughter and delightful giggles here)

Also insert my own giggles hither. For I, indeed,  am walking on a CLOUD of merriment right now and have been since Saturday about it!!

(Note to reader: I did write this story once...but then something happened and it got LOST. I couldn't retrieve it. I was bummed. But I was really thinking I needed to write this story and tell this marvelous tale...so I "asked the Faeries if I could have permission to tell this tale of Enchantment, so that YOU too might start believing in Faeries and Magic again in your own lives. And the blog has gone smoothly. And...once it was published....the former blog appeared out of nowhere. What funny little tricksters they are. I just needed to ASK first. :)


On this most Magical of Yule Days, I wish you JOYFUL ENCHANTMENT!
I wish you the ability to catch a snowflake on your tongue!
I wish you ability (no matter your capabilities of sight)  to see the Faeries dance, in the snow, in the grass, in your garden this whole new life on.

And it IS a New Year of JOY :)

Bright Blessings to you on this Amazing Magic Winter Solstice!


Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Ah! What a blessing! A blessing to have and hold this fairy talisman, and a blessing to read your story. Thank you!

LynnieBee said...

That. Is. Amazing. Bright Blessings to YOU!!! *hugs!!!*