Winter Doggy

Doggy in your winter coat
Bundled warm against the chill
You with your paws of ice and snow
And white Santa beard on your chin

Anxious to go out and play
Snuzzling, muzzle down in snow
Romping, playing, running deep
He cares not how the wind does blow

But wait! Hear the snow plow run
Dropping blades at the corner
Chickadees make their play for
What the winter has to offer

Shovel deep and shovel often
That’s what my men folk say
But I am safe and toasty
Warming the puppy in from play

Bursting in from adventures cold
He laughs as he runs inside
Prancing, dancing, shaking snow
Here to snuggle with me safe beside

Christmas lights they shine and twinkle
Baby in your manger there
Heavy laden branches full
On limbs so newly bare

Family round and family far
Hot chocolate cures what ails
But nothing in this world compares
To a warm snuggled puppy with a cold winter tail


MissLorieO said...

Bailey gives it a full woof of approval!

Dorothy L. Abrams said...

So good to know he is well and enjoying the winter weather! He is a Yule miracle all his own!