Pondering the Faery Ring at Christmas

Faery Tales are all around us. Have we not all had a visit from the Great Elf Himself last night? Did Santa come in some way down your chimney?

I have been pondering faeries, luck, magic and co-incidence for quite some time, and most especially since this ring has come to me.
This 5 petaled ring.

Two petals are purple and 3 petals are silver.
Could it be my 2 husbands and my 3 children? (one of which I lost?)
Could it be my 3 Great Loves and my 2 living children?
Could it be my 5 decades of life?
Could it be the Elements with 2 in particular calling out to me?

I have been trying to follow my intuition..... and more so, lately.

I will tell you one secret thing.
Something MAGIC happened to me.
I left out a chocolate chip cookie "special" for the faeries.
NOT on Christmas Eve.
I left it on a silver tiered cookie tray all by itself.
I broke it in half with the words, "Dear Fae Folk: I'm leaving this cookie special for YOU. I am also leaving some Egg Nog in this wee cup with the words, "Amore" on it for you. I hope you like it."
I turned on the twinkling Christmas lights and I left for the day. I forgot about it.
Later on, when I came home, I saw that the whole cookie was gone!
NOTHING left but a wee crumb or two! The Egg Nog was untouched...it had hardened like custard on a cold day.
But the cookie was GONE!  
(now of course the first thing I thought of, after the whole leaping for JOY thing was done, was that a mouse may have taken it. I looked. No mouse poop on the tray or the counter. Always a tell tale sign. I mean, if I were a mouse and found a cookie...I'd shit too...but I'd also want the egg nog :)

So....I dared to ask the guys...."Did you eat the cookie on the silver tray?"
"No, what cookie?"
and "Nope, I didn't see a cookie."

Which means ....the Faeries DID take it!

I have followed my intuitions of late and invited my first husband, father of my girls to come to Christmas dinner. He magically accepted. Yesterday, was a day of note. Here were David, Wayne and Talon and my beautiful children all gathered round to be together for a holiday dinner. Opening presents, cracking jokes, sharing some Christmas cheer and a meal with a hearty, "God Bless Us Everyone!"
We ALL got along.
Just like magic.

And I thought that sometimes Faery magic isn't just silver nutmegs and glass slippers...
Sometimes it's about forgiveness and being content to share a life together.
Sometimes it's about being ODD and that it's OK anyway.
Sometimes its' all about surviving the poison apple and gettng lost in the woods of life.
Sometimes it's about coming through the haunted woods to the clearing to see Grandmother's house and shooing the wolf away from the door.

Sometimes it's just about being together, magically, sharing a simple thing, like a meal.

I look at my Faery Ring of Communication and I bless it for letting me see the magic in my own life this Christmas.

I will try to continue to see the Magic in my life...
I will try to see the wonder and enchantment in the simple things...
from a missing cookie on the counter ....
to the blessing of small handful of special people that I call FAMILY.

May much JOY and Enchantment be yours this day!

And if you can't find any....


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Dorothy L. Abrams said...

All of the above, Merlyn. The ring means all those sets of 5, and the pentagram, and more and more and more. They are like roses, these magical talismans, they keep opening up into more!