New Year's Resolutions and Dark Elves

The year 2010 has been a good one for me. My life has taken some twists and turns, but here I sit, poised to go forward into 2011 with a hopeful heart.

My daughters are both settled in their homes, happy and independant.

My doggy has healed from a major trauma.

My mates are busy with work and are happy.

We are all healthy.

I have much to be thankful for!

Yet as I look back on my list of priorities that I set for myself last year, Dec. 31, 2009 I see that while I have accomplished much, there were things that went tossed off like a kids' bike along the roadside.

I didn't lose those 25#. Matter of fact, I probably gained a few more....
I didn't get to my outings and adventures of visiting NYC to see St. Patrick's Cathedral nor the Cloisters....
Nor did I get a permanent awning built over the hot tub or seal the foundation under the porch....
and the Christmas CD didn't get worked on and the holiday is now over....


I DID have a fun year, with gigs, made new friends, took a belly dance class, grew out my bangs (you ladies know that this is major :), put in a big proposal for school gigs that got accepted, motivated Harry to rework the office area (no simple feat there, my friends! this will motivate him to have a better studio for my technologically advanced husband and a place to play with video and audio gear for future Merry Mischief projects :), I worked diligently on writing and organizing my previous writings, got wheels (!!) painted the porch, and finished and offered a Live CD...and we started work on a music video in a local cathedral for a Christmas song! Nursed an injured dog to health, worked hard at moving my daughter Shawna from dependance at home to an independant life of her own in residential housing, have taken a good look at myself and my wants and needs and have started projects and get togethers to accomplish them ....and (Bonus) I managed to live with two testosterone filled men and didn't kill either of them, but still consider them my best friends and partners in crime :)

My spontaneous and spiritual life has taken an interesting turn into the fantastic and direction of whimsy with my focus on life, love and fairytale, and faeries themselves. I guess Santa got me thinking about such things, being that he IS an elf/faery that most people I've tried to get back to my sweet roots of belief in the amazing, the fantastical, the mysterious joy of all things hidden.

But there are pitfalls.

When you look within, there are scary places within your memories or secrets in your closets that you'd rather not go in. You avoid them and try not to think of them.

Kind of like the Dark Elves that live under the Stairs.

I'm not talking about the Dark Elves of World of War Crack....altho, Art does imitate Life.
I'm talking of the everyday Dark Elves....the ones that follow you in the dark and you only hear their footsteps or feel their burning red eye glances, but can't put your finger on where it's coming from.

Dark Elves like dark places. Under stairs where they can reach out between the steps to grab your ankles to trip you as you go down to the basement. They like to live in unused rooms, in corners of closets, under racks and they like to hide under desks and take up residence where anything gets stagnant. They are the ones whose faces pop out at you like a Jack in the Box at the worst times. They are the ones who keep people apart from each other, from looking within, and from connecting those around them. They are the ones who whisper misgivings to your conscience, foul your memories with clouds and give bad advice to your ears in a hushed but firm inner voice.

They are there to remind us to be on our guard.

They are there to keep our feet firm on the path and to keep our bracers on....
even after we say our prayers and go to sleep. They want to use chaos and ill will to make us falter and to pull us from doing good. They busy our lives and take time away from us, and fill it with TV and time wasters so that we don't see friends or read or walk or get out into nature. They sap our energy and say things in our ears like, "You are too tired to exercise, why don't you just watch a sitcom and veg tonight?" Or "it's too cold/dark/rainy/windy to go see a friend".

There is a Yin/Yang to everything in this world. Even in worlds that we can't see.
Even though I've never seen an atom or an quark doesn't mean they don't exist.
"For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction."

And so it is with life.

Sometimes the more you are doing good in this life....the more the Dark Ones try to sway you with lost motivation, clouded direction or weak willpower. The force of a rolling snowball of good must be stopped in their eyes. Their glowing red eyes.

They have just one enemy.


So, I give to you this thought....this goodly you make your New Year's Resolutions.

Try to:
Keep being YOU.
Keep trying to offer goodness, friendship, LIGHT and happiness.
Keep HARMONY and the lilting sound of Laughter in your life.
Keep magic and wonder and Faery magic and yes, even winning the jackpot, as a REAL possibility!

Nothing stops the Darkness invading our consciousness like these things.
War, poverty, famine, ill will, hatred, fear are all friends with the Dark Elves.

Try this New Year to side with Healers, Connectors, Friendship, Creativity, Music and a Spirit of Laughter.

The Law of Attraction says, "You get what you Ask for."


"Ask and Dream BIG!" :)

Bright Wishes and Hope for you and yours this Magical New Year 2011!!


LynnieBee said...

Same to you, Lovely!!!

Maryanne said...

Thank you Merlyn, you always know how and when to lift my spirits...May all the good in this world come to you!