A Committment Update

Hey Ho friends~

I've been doing quite well at some of the committments that I charged myself with last week.

But first the news:
Late Sunday eve brought a disturbing phone call from Shawna's staff at her residence. Shawna had fainted out of the blue, her blood pressure was higher than normal, and they were taking her to Emergency room. I offered to come, but they said that the weather was awful (it was) and for us to stay put at home safe. The overnight staff was there and the relief worker was taking her to just have her checked over for a safety measure. She seemed fine, but better safe than sorry.

Of course, it was harder to stay home than it would've been to go out in the snow storm, but I did stay put.
Does that make me an awful mother? Or a mother learning to trust her daughter's staff? I don't know. I chatted to both the staff and Shawna several times, and had them call me when they made a decision, one way or the other. At 3am, I fumbled for the phone on the side of our bed, and answered the call that Shawna was to be discharged. Nothing conclusive.

I just took Shawna in for a recheck today at her primary care doctor, with the same results. Nothing conclusive. We all agree that she needs more water, more exercise and less Chinese food (Shawna has a penchant for it...).

I have her home with me now for a couple of days, to rest and have some downtime.
My thought is also that she has been so busy, since she moved, and on a new medication (altho, fainting or light headedness is not a symptom) that these things may all play a part. I also thought I would see some sort of a bump in reality from her after her moving out. It may be lodging physiologically, rather than emotionally.
Who knows? We will all watch her. The doctor said that this sometimes happens to young girls...there's a name for the fainting and dizziness...and it will pass. Ok then....

Back to Committments~

I will say that I haven't written as much as I would've liked...after my last blog, I heard some "sparking" on my laptop. In seeking out the sound, I found that my power cord and power box had shit the bed. I booted down, and unplugged and have started the process to track down a matching unit. It hasn't been an "off the rack" adventure. I love to write on my laptop. I don't have to compete for my own desk this way...

The progress on our living room/office is slow and I have been trying not to bitch at Wayne for it. He assures me that he will find time to finish it soon. The scaffolding he put up to "sort" is still in place....and the pile seems the same to me. I endeavor to remind him that his desk and work area will be a thing of beauty...should we ever find them...and until then...I share my desk and computer with him for the duration...and wait for him to find time to work on it...while he is busy doing other important things. Sigh. But I still love him...and I WILL NOT back down. I am just trying to either do it myself or cut him out breaks and encourage him to help with his stuff when he can. You really can't touch a hoarder's stuff. It is a taboo. But he does see the wisdom in my ideas and works on it when he can. He will be amazed and happy with it when it's done.

Hurt myself yesterday horsing my couch and love seat around and washing walls in there..(I was channeling my mother :). I waited till he was gone on a job.... and I worked really hard to have it all done by the time that Wayne got back home. I did NOT want to have him see me in mid-point progress of two tore up rooms only to have me get bitched at for touching his things. (Hoarders are so touchy like that). How'ere, I DID manage to have it all done, cleaned up and me sitting down (now with a back spasm) and having a well deserved Rum & Coke when he came in. He didn't say much. But LATER he did say that he liked having the couch in the front room instead of the love seat. It will make it more social in there. And be able to fit all three of us when watching movies, instead of us doing a coin toss.

I have proceeded on doing something everyday on my home to make it a more loving and happy and organized place, as I promised myself.
The holiday decorations are up. Home cooked meals are a given and regular experience.
I have been pretty affectionate and am taking better care of myself.

I am proud of some of the changes, seeing my desires come to fruition, and also taking some time for myself. The holiday decorations make me happy, and driving up at night to see the porch lights on makes it really feel like a storybook house too....

Speaking of which.... my idea for the Fairy Tale book club has had several enthusiastic takers for the start up meeting...which would have been last night.... had the Snow Queen decided not to drive her sleigh to town.
We will try again next week and bake more goodies...that'll teach her. :)

Till then,
Enjoy your holiday dreams and may your wishes come true :)

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MissLorieO said...

Hope our girlie is doing well now that she has had some down time with Mama Bird. Well done on the small steps! I am proud of you and inspired by you all at the same time. *hugs*