If it's going to be...it's up to me

I just watched "Julie & Julia" again last night.
I do so like that movie. A woman takes on a commitment to make some changes to her life, by adding French cooking ala Julia Child to her daily life for a year.

Cooking makes her feel better. It takes her worry and stress out of her job of being a counselor and transforms it into something delicious. It is not the first time that cooking has been incorporated into a life changing experience. "Like Water for Chocolate" is a story about a woman who puts all her emotions into her cooking, and anyone who eats her cooking, feels the emotion that made it....whether it was grief, happiness or lust. A very clever book.

"Chocolate" is also about a woman who changed her life, and the lives of those around her, just by being herself and nurturing her community with her healing advice along with a serving of chocolate.

I have seen friends of mine, take up the gauntlet of writing daily or walking daily or making some daily committment to themselves to change or add something to their lives.  Some have taken up the 365-52-12 banner to wave. 365 commttments to self to do something daily. 52 things in a year, to commit to do something enhancing for themselves weekly. 12 things to do once a month to encourage some growth within their lives.

I admire them. I've also been thinking about what would change my life for the better. I'm 50 now. I've completed and fulfilled a lot of my past goals. My girls have now grown and left the nest. My life needs some new goals and focal points to push me to achieve, and to accomplish.

I have made some notes to myself about what I'd like to add to my life to change or enhance it for the better.

I write to you, to make a commitment to myself and to "man up" as it were.

I would like to try to walk Monty every day. Even just a wee walk. It's good for both of us. (365)

I would like to make a commitment to start caring for myself better.
So, once a week (day TBD) I should make an extra special "spa" date with myself here. I should give myself a manicure, pedicure, bubble bath or detox bath, all over lotion, and deep conditioning hair treatment and facial.(52)

I would also like to see the Chiropractor once a month for my health. I don't have insurance (I am a musician and work part time at a college) so I should see the doctor to keep myself in "working order".(12)

I would also like to schedule a full body massage for myself for my health 3x a year.(4)


I would like to encourage a book club discussion gathering of like minds who enjoy Fairy Tales and Folk Tales. Grownups who want to delve into these stories and enjoy them for their political, symbolic and entertainment value. This is also to encourage intelligent friendships and fun mental activity. (12)

I have complained in the past that my dear loving husband is a pack rat...even a hoarder. I encourage myself to do something about the house, daily, regardless of some of his restrictions that have been limiting me. I promise to do a little something daily to encourage organization and to make my house a more comfortable place to live. I promise to try to help him by my own example. (365)

I would like to encourage my friendships and make a "date" with one of my friends every month (12)

I would also like to set up a Creative Circle for me and my friends to get together to be productive. (12)

I will also try to be more loving every day to the people around me, by telling them or showing them. There needs to be more love in this world. (365)


I am going to try to write every day, which in turns help me to be in touch with my own spirit. Even a sentence journal a day will make me thankful and keep in touch with the passage of time.(365)

I will try to post here once a week and give some updates on my progress (52)

I would like to visit a sacred place, temple, cathedral or sacred grove once a year on a journey of self discovery.This is also a reward to myself as well as a goal. (1)

I want to get several of my book ideas in order. I counted and I have about 6 separate books going and I am going to try to get them organized. I will do something on them every day (365)

I will try to brush up an old song or learn a new song to me once a month for Merry Mischief (12)

So there it is.
A bit complicated.... mayhaps a bit over reaching, but then again, so am I.
But the life I try to live, to be the best me I can be, is also very important..

Thanks for listening and hold me to this....
I will keep you informed the best I can.

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