Cake and Pierogie Lasagna, covered in Christmas lights

Did pretty good today. While I didn't get to walk the dog...I did manage to get the Christmas porch lights up with Talon's help...and Harry's loan of wire ties :)

My porch looks like a Gingerbread House, which is perfect for the upcoming Fairy Tales book discussion club starting. It does look good enough to eat and I am happy with it. That is, until the NYSEG bill comes :)

Have also gone to work, and made a wonderful creation of mine own concoction.

Potato Pierogie Lasagana, with peppers, mushrooms and sausage. Delicious.
It's also Harry's birthday today, 52 years for my honey! He wanted Chocolate cake with Chocolate Frosting and Chocolate Ice Cream....but recanted that a yellow cake would also suffice, as the Chocolate Coma ensuing would be too much to wake up to. :)

But I have to say, even tho, I have not made the chart for my checklist for my goals...and I did not walk Monty, I DID love him up and play with him....and got many other things done today that counted.

I also worked on organizing and sorting some stories for my different books. It all feels grand.

Very happy....and hopefully snuggles will occur in the interim.

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