30 Things About Me

1 I sing and talk to my dog. Pretty constantly, and I have inspired everyone who lives with me to also do it on occasion. It’s a wonderful creative release and love flows.

2 I read a lot. But not as much as I’d like. I generally have several books going at once.

3 I love my girls with all my heart, but I’m glad that they have lives of their own now, so I can have one too. I also like that I’m not cleaning up the wake after them. With Jesse gone, the constant cleaning up is gone, and with Shawna gone, my cupboards are staying organized. This is simply amazing to me. I notice this most after they visit.

4 I used to sing and write as a wee child. My mother would have me sing to her as she drove and I rode in the back seat, standing with my feet straddling the hump between the seats. There was no such thing as seatbelts then. I sang to my mother because she loved it so and because she asked. This was the most attention for my singing I ever had from her. She was a singer too, but too busy the rest of the time as a farm wife to find time for me.

5 I never took a lesson on my guitar till after I’d been playing for 20 years. And I only did It because I needed the college elective. 

6 I can’t read music. It’s laborious, tedious and stifling to me. It makes my skin crawl. I am self taught and figure out music by ear, repetition and ingenuity. I learn songs that I like.

7 I once had 7 boyfriends at once in HS. I realized it was too much work to keep them separate.

8I like being in love more than anything

9 I once lived on the same road as a serial killer who joked to my brothers about killing me. This same guy once picked up me and my friend hitchhiking. We are lucky to be alive. He is in jail now forever after killing 7 women. I will write about it all one day. But I can't yet. It's just too scary...and REAL. I don’t watch thrillers or slasher movies or scary movies because my life and imagination are too real time for that.

10 I wish I was thinner but when I was, I wasn’t’ thin enough and it is too much work to make that happen. I like being comfortable now. I’m a good pillow and a sweet snuggler.

11 I love who I love because I need them and they need me. They complete me.

12I am very spiritual and say my prayers every night in some way before I sleep. I also pray out loud for my men, my children, my dog if they are going thru something hard. I lay on my hands on them and we pray together. It helps us all.

13 I have tried many religions (due some to my mother’s influence). Baptized Catholic, then went to learn about Baptists, Presbyterian, 7th Day Adventist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Episcopalian, Assembly of God, Dutch Reformed, and United Methodist. I am currently a Unitarian Universalist member who runs pagan services there.

14 Went to a Catholic Mass with Talon for a funeral. We were both baptized Catholic, but do not practice anymore. We were both amazed and astounded that we still knew the church service, call and response, when to sit stand or kneel at the time called….after 35 years time passage away…

15 I love to write.  I have been published. I want to write something wild and creative and popular. I want my readers to laugh, cry or ponder after they read something I’ve writen.

16 I really can’t whistle.

17 I taught my kids how to swear. By example.

18 When angry, I am a force of nature. I do not trust myself when I get like that. I am in danger. You are in danger. Soothing words are the only thing that helps me. LOVE. Much love. Do not rile me at that point. You are not safe. No one is.

19 I can be the sweetest, funniest person who will spoil you. You will never find another me.

20 I once sat in the snow across the road on Christmas Day and cried for an hour because my life at that point in time was so awful. My next door neighbor said she saw me thru her window and said she laughed. I still hate her for that.

21 I have magical powers. You may not believe me, but I once made a few things move, visiblily. I also can sometimes predict the future, know what you are thinking/feeling, know who is on the phone most times. I also have the power of invisibility. I know this because I have not been caught yet.

22 I have had several out of body experiences. Once when I was very young and didn’t even know what it was all about. I bumped my head on the ceiling and looked down and saw my sleeping child body on the bed.  It scared me so much that I jumped back to …me.

23 I was pestered by an evil spirit in my childhood home. I feared for my life and didn’t want to go to sleep or be alone in my room. This is probably also why I don’t like being alone much now, even though I am safe now..

24 I have seen an Angel when I was a child and a fairy when I was an adult.. For real. I kid you not. Please don’t think I’m crazy. They were beautiful and amazing. The angel was terrifyingly beautiful in an awesome powerful way. It scared me. I asked it to not show itself to me ever again, because it frightened me so.. It said it wouldn’t, but it would always be my protector and hid itself from me. I now regret my request and wish I could see it again.

25 My name is Merlyn because my given name is Marilyn and I was so entrenched in Arthurian legend in HS that my name was twisted by my peers and I go by both now. I also have an affinity to magic and magical things, and feel the power of a strong personality of Merlin the Magician.

26 I can make a meal out of whatever is in the house. Even if the cupboards are bare.

27 I have an incredible memory for lyrics, passwords and recesitation. But don’t make me learn anything electrical or mechanical. I just don’t get it.

28 I love deeply and hurt very easily. Then I will hurt you. Then I will forget about the intensity of the storm and love you deeply again. I ask you to please forget the bad stuff too.

29 Even though I can be the sweetest, kindest, most generous, happy, make the drink come out your nose friend….What goes around, comes around. Don’t fuck with me. I’m a pirate.

30 I will always hope to go to heaven and be with my former pets and parents when I die. No matter what my religious beliefs are, I will also always believe in Jesus. He was the coolest person in history (or even an amalgamation of several people) and I believe in his archetype. I also believe in the Goddess. She helps me daily and I want to meet her then.

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