The trip has been named :)

Harry and I proceeded south from N.C. to Florida without incident and we arrived safely at Ravyn’s in Gulfport. It was great to see her and to have our annual “slug day” at her house where we relaxed and watched movies on her grand TV screen while vegging and noshing on treats. ALL DAY. It was great and much needed after that long trip!

Harry & I even treated ourselves to some much needed pampering on the way down. I got my first professional French manicure and I loved it! My guitar fingers look so clean and pretty girl.  I also encouraged Harry to walk into a barbershop to get a pro to give him a beard trim and hot towel shave. The barber wanted to cut his hair (or at least play with it), but Harry was adamant, “Just the shave and beard trim.” The barber was disappointed, but did a great job and Harry had a chance to receive some pleasure with the hot towel enveloping his “post Santa” whisker face. We both feel much better for it.
Our Suburu is cruising along the highway, and it reminds us of the Nautilus in the story of 20,000 Leagues from the Sea that I am reading to Harry, as he drives miles and miles and miles......

It is so awesome to go from the cold and frozen north and then drive south to warmer tropical climes. You realize with your constant changing view outside the window, that the world is really amazing diverse place, yet a very conjoined order when you travel. Truly the world is an interconnected web of existence. While the north may seem barren, cold, and with a brown and grey landscape covered with snow…as we drive south, the view changes bit by bit, adding in pines until we are in the south with palm trees and Spanish moss. A bit by bit transition, but one that links one climate with another.

As I read this olden book from the dates of 1870, I have to say that it reads quite contemporary! We are simply astounded at Jules Verne's writing talent and immense knowledge of so many vast topics! We think Verne must've been a time traveler. I mean, without encyclopedia Britannica or even Google....he sure knew a lot about a lot of intense subjects from the sea, it's flora and fauna, electricity, engineering, geography and so much more! It's been an amazing read. Harry and I had only ever seen the movies out there, so we only had those versions as our base. The novel itself is SO much more intricate than we knew. We are appreciating the way that Captain Nemo traveled around the world, marveling at the sea's beauty and traversing the earth so quickly (as folks can do nowadays with transportation). 

Our journey and tour this time is similar as we too, are traveling vast distances, pondering great notions of: nature, theology, philosophy, electricity, world cultures, and our trip plans include visiting such places (besides the Renaissance faire) as Thomas Edison's Museum here in Fort Myers, and Epot while we are here in sunny Florida. We are, indeed, a world away from the cold and snowy north. We feel as if we are sharing some of Jules Verne's stories on this trip.  It is what is making me realize that we are on an adventure of Verne's proportion in being amazed at the world's wonders and vistas.

Which leads me to name this tour:  "Around the World in 16 Days" in honor of Jules Verne and our upcoming weeks’ itinerary plans.

First we begin with our work that has called us hither: The Kiwanis Medieval Faire in Lakes Park, Fort Myers. It opened very, very early for us this last Saturday. We were asked to participate with some of the PR for the faire on WINK TV. So that means, up at 4:30am and get into garb for the day. At the faire site at 5:30am to meet the production crew. There was a bunch of folks also there. Jim Greene the ratcatcher, The Harper & The Minstel, Giacomo and Demetrius from Empty Hats, Michael Marzella as the King, Ken Silkie as Bobba Da Vinci, Pooki the Fairy. We were there to promote the faire’s opening day and weekend. And we all did that right well.

Of course, journalism being it what it usually is, with us all giving the information of who we were, just minutes before we went on air, all of us assorted minstrels played, The Harper & The Minstrel, Harry and I were all mis-introduced as being in the band Empty Hats. Giacomo tried to right it for us all. It’s amusing. BTW.  If you look, it is actually dark outside. Why? Because it is only about 6am....we are all pretty damn perky at that hour if you ask me. :)
Here’s the link:    

And some pics which tell a 1000 words….

 One of my best buds in the whole world ....
Abby Michaels, whom I adore singing with.

Harry, Max, Aidan and Danny O'Ryan from Craic

Our good friend, Ravyn and Crispy Cannibal

And her daughter, and our good friend, Dre with Aidan!

Our friend Lily Rose down from Baldwinsville to Fort Myers, enjoying a turkey leg

Having a grand time with Harry, Merlyn, King (friend Michael Marzella) and Will the Fiddler (on my bodhran! :)
 And last...but not least....

Harry and an old friend whom some of you may remember.

Das right. It's Miss Wisconsin

We had SUCH an awesome time! Our sets went grand! The pub sets rocked! We played “Wild Mountain Thyme” for pubsing on Saturday, and asked The Harper & The Minstrel to join us on Sunday for a most beauteous rendition of “Our Mother the Mountain.” It was truly magickal.

Monday, following faire, found Harry & I, Dre & Max with a day off  to adventure starting with seafood for lunch (only seafood is served aboard the Nautilus) and we dined decadently at “The Lobster Lady” and had oysters, lobster and mussels, drinks and key lime pie. Mmmmm.

Lobsters ponder life and death while awaiting your order....

The food was fabulous! We had such a great time with our hosts Dre and Max!

 and we went to an amazing museum here in Fort Myers. It is the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Estates. Which lined up perfectly with the Capt. Nemo/Jules Verne tale of electricity for power and late 1800s time frame.  Here’s some pics from this great place!

Amazing trees and flowers here!

Beautiful vista here on a January day!

 The Edison Summer home in Fort Myers
(Interestingly, he summered in the Adirondacks)

 HUGE Bougainviellea!
Check out the scale....
 Edison's Lab!

Henry Ford's Garage!

 Edison was called a "wizard"
Check out the ORBS we caught in his laboratory!

We will set off for points even more southward tomorrow as soon as soundings are run at first light. 

The days ahead look grand and filled with interesting sights and sounds of the world round.

Check back in, if ye can  :)

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