Seitan isn't Satan :)

Hey ho~

It's a very cold and snowy day! The winter storm "Nemo" blew through and we are snuggling!

Yes, this is a candid shot.
Barney was also snuggling :)

Time to do some yummy do comfort food!

But just because I'm eating Vegetarian doesn't mean I have to give up delicious recipes that I've loved and made forever throughout the years!

I'm just replacing some ingredients and getting creative!

Like "Merlyn's Vegetarian Reubans!"

Leave out the Corned Beef. I made some grilled sandwiches of the following supplies:

Rye/ Pumpernickle Bread (Monk's bread has no high fructose corn syrup)
1000 Island Lite dressing
Chedder Cheese (thin sliced)
Seitan (Tofurky slices)
Mozzerella cheese (thin sliced)

Grilled and delicious. I didn't miss the meat AT ALL.

Or this one tonight. I had a hankering for Lasagna or Eggplant Parmagiana....
 So I sliced up an Eggplant, and some chedder cheese...

added a package of this ....that tastes like ground beef!
 I had some sauce already made in the fridge....
so made a few more layers....with more cheese, eggplant and sauce.

Baked it for an hour at 350.
I loved it even better than with beef!


Nobody died :)

And Monty couldn't tell the difference either :)

Look hard. Can you see him? 

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