Food Glorious Food!

Has food lost it's flavor to you?

Do you find yourself eating a lot of takeout (because you are busy), or prepared stuff, a lot of pastas and breads (cuz they are easy?)

Do you sometimes think, "Oh God. What am I gonna make for dinner tonight? UGH?"

Well, I have to tell you a secret.
I felt that way too. And now?
I've changed my eating habits TOTALLY and something amazing is happening.

I've gone totally to a fruit and veggie, whole grain based diet.
Just a small amount of local small farm dairy only.
No meat for me. At least not for now. I'm still open to fish or seafood occasionally but so far, I'm keeping it on the DL.
I've even cut WAY back on my drinking.

1) I am back to cooking again! I am loving food and life is amazing again! 

2) Food is tasting AWESOME.

3) I'm not craving fast foods AT ALL, nor sodas, nor sugar.

4) I can't keep most of my rings on!

5) I'm losing weight (bonus) and my face is thinning out

6) I have ENERGY.


8) I'm sleeping for 6-8hour shots at a time (WAY better than the 3 hour stretches from before)

9) My skin looks FABULOUS. Really glowing!

And food, glorious food is fun again! To eat, to fix, to enjoy!

Some foods I'm really currently enjoying?

Egads I love it. I saute it with a little EVOO and soy sauce. DELISH.

Yogurt, fresh fruit and some Grape Nuts sprinkled on top with a bit of drizzled honey.
This can be a dessert with you really want something sweet!

JUICE. Oh man, the juices are awesome!!

And for Super Bowl I made this:

Merlyn's Bloomin' Garlic Onion Bread.

You need:

1 Garlic Tuscan Crusty uncut Loaf
Monteray Jack cheese
Poppy Seeds

Score it but don't cut it all the way through.
Put a thin slice of cheese in each scored pocket
Melt the butter and slice small the scallions and add the poppy seeds

 Then drizzle it on the bread

 Wrap in foil and bake it at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, then uncover and bake for another 10 minutes

OMG. It was SOOOOOO Good.

It was as decadent as anything I've ever eaten.
I wouldn't say it was actually "healthy" but it was a FABULOUS vegetarian offering for Super Bowl!

I'm also thoroughly enjoying things like:

Buffalo Tofu Bites,  Meatless Reubans...Crock pots of beans, soups, stir frys of awesomeness...

Having fun, eating fabulous well, and getting healthy!


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