Merlyn's 2013 Goals

A lot of people inspire me. I hear that I often inspire other folks too. It's a ripple effect.
Like random acts of kindness, good things that are amplified make more good things.

Of course, negative things do that too....but I've cleaned house on negativity. I don't want it reproducing in my life like rabbits. I'd rather let positivity reproduce and spread like a house a bloom :)

So, my friend Lynn, a dear heart and kindred spirit, has put herself out there for her goals this next year.
I admire that.

I tried working with a book last year with my dear friend Lorie on "52 Small Changes" and all was well until I tore my knee out in July. Wow, did that set me back. And weighed me down. Nothing like pain and immobility to put a crimp in your health and your weight. Thus, I have gained back 13 of the 22 pounds I lost last year, by not being able to walk fast or get around as well.  In the full disclosure act of support I will tell you that I now weigh 193#s.
I'd love to shed about 40# and be able to traverse stairs without pain. Am seeing a chiropractor for the alignment issues. Massage therapist when I can afford it.

Know you that I am still trying to move around! I carry my guitar on my back (along with my drum and a 10# belt) all summer. I walk the dog. But with snowy unplowed sidewalks and a busy road out front, walking has definitely been impeded.

So here are my personal goals for this year 2013. Posting them here to keep me in line and on track.

Merlyn's 2013 Goals

Meditate/Breathing exercises for 5 minutes in the morning. 

Followed by some Yoga stretches 1st thing.

Mindful eating. (I just bought a juicer. I LOVE it. Am going to Florida and will probably bring it to take advantage of all the great citrus there. I will also commit to doing a 10 day juice fast with it when I come back from the trip)

Limiting my coffee intake to 1 mug in the morning

Move More Daily    (dance/walking dog/yoga whatever moves me)

Write/Edit some daily (along with my projects, I very much want/need to finish my memoir story THIS YEAR)

Be Grateful (say Thank You to someone, for something every day)

Care for myself like a precious baby

Sing/Play Music daily 

Make a positive effort on my living space daily

Continue Cathedral/Basilica adventures with friends ( I LOVE church/temple architecture)

New CD this year

Waste Less Time (FB is a good thing...and I do use it and appreciate it for network/outreach and PR, but I have to monitor my time on it. It sucks time!)

Continue my StoryBook Club

So there you have it. This is my direction for this new year.
I want to continue on doing gigs, services, networking people together with parties (I often make events and parties happen...even at other people's residences :) and I endeavor to keep me and Harry and my friends and family on the right path by my own commitments.

I hope it rubs off good in all the right places!

What are YOUR commitments for this year?

Please share and let's support the goodness in each other!

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