Is it the End of the Juice Road?

What a long strange trip its' been!

A long juicy road. We are home. And is it coincidence that my juicer won't work this morning?
Did I kill it?
Or is it just symbolic?
Harry has his drill out now. I was really looking forward to my breakfast: Orange/Carrot/Ginger Juice.
All of it is sitting there wedgily waiting while Harry's drill spins.

We shall see.

Otherwise I am happy and grateful to be home.

Walking into Squirrel Haven last night felt like walking into the presence of a long lost friend.
I had forgotten.

I liked what I'd done with the place! :)

Nick didn't tell Monty that we were coming home this time. Last few times, if Monty hears we are arriving soon, Monty goes to the door and waits. Like for 2 days. Dogs can't tell time. When we go anywhere, we say, "We'll be back in 5 minutes". (once again, Dogs can't tell time). It's just a signal phrase that conveys us returning.

I lost 4 pounds ON VACATION eating what I wanted. Except for sushi one night and tuna on a green salad the next day, I've eaten no meat or fish. Backed off on dairy, but had some.
Tried "Tofutty" Cream Cheese. It said on the cover "Better than Cream Cheese". I tried it. They are RIGHT! Yummy!

 (and bonus, no ill bad vibes associated with calves too soon weaned, mother's grief, and her being turned into a perpetual baby making machine until she drops . oh sorry. Was that my aloud voice? :)

I read 1/2 of "Mr. Darcy takes a Wife" by Linda Berdoll outloud to Harry as he drove 3000 miles.
It is a delightful read and Harry actually kept saying to me (if I wasn't reading aloud to him at the time) "Soo...I wonder what Darcy's up to?" 
The prose is in perfect ponderence of what bespoke the time. With noblese oblige taken into high consideration and with daliance of flirtatious learning of a maiden's journey to wifelienss, and sprinkled with jodphurs and Empire waist gowns of a lacey fashion; you have a wondrous romp.
In oh so many ways! The language, the imagery, the culture of both the wealthy and the transgressed poor and the vile fiends.

We have decided to CONTINUE our Goodly Ways from this trip.

What does that mean?

*We shall continue my outloud readings nightly whenever feasible until the book is finished.

*Harry & I decided upon a lot of Music work to focus on- pushing toward a new CD by June 1st.

 *Continue daily juicing (which after the drilling in the other room, just now, I did hear Harry say a final  "Fecking Thing"....but he didn't say "Fecking"... And now the juicer is packaged up and ready to go back to the store. It should last more than 2 weeks of common use, I should think? Will replace the juicer by tomorrow Gods willing and the Juice don't rise :) So mayhap, it is NOT the "End of the Juice Road...but merely a slight bump in the road.

*Continue making Vegetarian choices, for fun and to feel good.

*Get back to my first thing Meditation Music and 10 breath exercise, Yoga stretches before I start my day. (already done for this day :)

*Walk/Exercise/Dance daily. If feels good.

* Keep working on New Music and practice a bit every day. I currently want to brush up songs I play rarely but love and want to keep them up. There are over 400 songs in my repertoire at any one time. Forgive me if I sometimes forget a line or mess up which verse is next.

*Keep working on my book. This means a new laptop. Seriously. I need a new tool. :)
(oh, isn't that a happy daydream :)

*Keep trying to Inspire People and making "Good Ripples" in Life.

I will be making my next story about the Photoshop Pic Project that I inspired on FaceBook. My friend Dre' took a great pic of me in the pub at faire. But there was a lot of anachronistic elements on the side, along with a distracting patron. So I asked any of my FB friends to photoshop it into something more appropriate. I got a bunch of pics back!

I will share them next time! So if you are working on one to that Pub pic, then tag or send it to me and I'll include it in the fun. Not a contest.
Just some great Mischievite Artwork to share!

Off to unpack and pet the puppy :) 

Vacations ROCK!
I had a Blast!

But Loving my HOME.


Abby said...

Sorry about the juicer! : (
We enjoyed all the juices you made-some more than others. All of your resolutions sound great-and much like ours!

Merlyn Fuller said...

No worries honey! My pleasure! I have already taken it back and WILL buy another right away as we are totally addicted to fresh juice! Maybe something with bigger balls :)

Merlyn Fuller said...

I think they were all good, but would've left the onion out of the last veggie mix that I had you try...but was trying to use up veggies for Dre.

I'm sure it made great stock for them for dinner! :) The rest of them I liked a lot.