Castles and Keys....A Juicy Story :)

This day started with a flat air mattress in the night. Oh well. I was up early. Creaky old woman am I.
So I wrote my blog, and Abby made French press coffee (I was popping chocolate espresso beans in the interim :) and then I made us a batch of "Apple/Pear/Banana" Juice.
Harry licked out the glass. He's come a long way from not liking the first batch!

BTW~ Mikal & Harry also have the same birthday :)
 Star & Mikal
 We said our goodbyes to Star and Mikal, Jay & Abby and headed out on our next adventure to Coral Castle. An AMAZING place. A little Latvian guy, 5 feet tall, weighing 100 pounds soaking wet in the 1920s-1950s made this place BY HIMSELF.

 YUP. He worked ...In the dark....With Masonic secrets and....fecking MOVED it from one location to another too! He used mathematics, science and hard work.
BIZARRE. It's like an unsolved mystery how the feck he did it.

Here's the link to a Youtube video featured on Extreme Mysteries....if you are interested::

If a picture is worth a 1000 words....well....Here is the story of our day today and some of our pics!

 This is a TELESCOPE that sites accurately POLARIS.
 Masonic symbols....
 This table is recorded in Ripley's Believe It or Not as the World's Heaviest Valentine....

 A beautiful day ....
The maker of this amazing place was really busy! HOW did he do it all????
 Gorgeous Palm Tree!
 Harry palms :)
 These are some of the tools that the artist made Coral Castle with!
 Pretty primitive!
 Such an amazing feat of engineering and beauty!

Merlyn & Harry are "having fun stormin' the Castle!"

My first exposure to the Florida Keys was in 1978 when my boyfriend, Hot and Lusty Jeff, wanted me to go away with him there. He said he had "2 tickets to Paradise"....
I turned him down.
He was a hot stud, YES. But he was a lazy ass man and I didn't want to support him.
While I don't regret NOT moving away with him...
I did regret not going to the Keys.

Today, I got my wish!
 Donna drove...

Look at the color!!
Here is our hotel room. Pretty nice! We are staying together.
 Once settled in, we hopped a shuttle to Duval Street and started exploring!
 Here we are in front of the Key West "Ladies Club"
 St. Paul's Episcopal Church...
 Inside the beautiful Church...
We are still trying to change some of our bad eating habits over to more ethical and healthier eating...
SO....  I had the address to a Pub that served Vegetarian Fare...
and BONUS!
Look at it's NAME!

How PERFECT for these TWO Celtic Minstrels!!
The Pints are great. While it's in a Guinness glass, it's actually, "Fuller Cask Conditioned Porter"
We "Fullers" heartily Approved!
 Harry, you just go ahead and tell your Union brothers, that say that you will starve on eating Vegetarian food that they are full of shite....Look at the size of that Mushroom and Spinach Calzone on the back plate! PLUS a Caesar Salad? (he brought 1/2 home!)
 Donna and I had "The SuperNatural" ~ A hummus wrap with avocado, roasted peppers and veggies and a side Edamame!
One last funny moment...
We went back to our hotel room....
and our keys wouldn't work. ...So we had to call Maintenance.

Two strange repairmen, had to break into our hotel room, while Donna and I waited on the bed, watching.
Later, Donna said, "This is the way that Horror films start you know...."

to which I replied....

"Yah, but this is ALSO the way that Porn Films start too :)

No worries....

We had a Happy Ending to our day! :)

Tomorrow, we continue our Adventure in Key West!!

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