Week 9 of 52~ "Alone Time"

Following along in the book "52 Small Changes", I've made some adjustments to my life every week since starting with my friend, Lorie, back in February.

Major changes include:
Walking everyday
Drinking lots more water (I even bought a BPA free 64 oz. jug I liked for my daily intake...I got tired of counting sobe bottles..)
Setting a regular bedtime and trying to get more rest for ME...
Keeping a food journal
Being more Positive
Taking a Multivitamin (which reminds me now....this one is always an effort)
Eating more vegetables (I got creative with this one and my cooking has been sparked again!)

This next week's Small Change?

Enjoy Time Alone

This one I have personally struggled with for most of my life. Those of you that really know me, know I haven't cared to be alone much. Oh, I like a little down time and time to myself as most folks do...but I don't like a lot of it.

I have some friends who are quite comfortable with being alone, and some who are lonely, and they are ok with it...but me? I always crave company. There have been times in my life that have been tragically effected, and I'm dealing with them still....So, I guess I've tried to surround myself with people, pets, events and social situations so I don't have to be lonely anymore.

I've been writing my memoir, and the interesting thing is that by facing the demons...they become easier to deal with, and my alone time has been more happy of late because of it.

Some alone time is good for the soul. Since my girls and roommate have moved out, my home has been an "Empty Nest" for me and Harry, a bit. Not liking it at first, I have grown into it.

I am really starting to enjoy my "Alone Time" and most especially my walks with my dog in the morning. (Ok, so with him being with me, I'm not technically alone then, but I am with my thoughts.)

In the bathroom of my home, "Squirrel Haven", there are a multitude of sayings, pictures, and comments taped all over the wall...

one of them is this quote by Marilyn Monroe:"I restore myself when I am alone, a career is born in public, talent in privacy."

And I really like that....So this week, I will savor my time....with me...

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