Mag 113~ "The Red Roof of Wendy's House"

It's Monday~

And that means its a gift of poetry for you, from me.

I've been researching "Peter Pan" for my Storybook Club...
which led me to the interesting topic of the "Peter Pan Syndrome" ...(men who don't grow up)
which led me to their enabling topic of "The Cinderella Complex" ...(i.e. the Wendy syndrome)...

when I saw this week's picture prompt from "The Red Roofs" by Marc Chagall,
I had to put them all together.

I hope you like it~

A former Wendy

Red Roofs, Marc Chagall, 1954

The Red Roof of Wendy's House

The red roof, my highest ambition
Is how a woman sees herself
But grown women, wish childlike as Wendy
of being saved by mothering Peter Pan

The man in the moon tells us stories
ones which we all snuggle up with tight
and yet, in falling for them,
we, ourselves, fall to our deaths.

The end of self esteem and independence
comes on the wings of a Lost Boy's promise
with scented flowers to tempt us,
sweet as Hook's poisoned cake

But it is the shadow of my dream self...
that flies to mine own window
and bids me fly to Neverland
For I am the creator of mine own delirious fancy.

I am Hook.
I am Peter.
I am Wendy.
I am Tinkerbell.

And now, having fallen once, I dust off my shadow
I see the moon, and the 2nd star to the right
and I think and I ponder it
while sitting here firmly on my red, red roof.

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Helen said...

Peter Pan Syndrome / Cinderella Complex ~~ it all makes sense now!

Sue said...

Love the Peter Pan story, and it makes for an interesting take on this prompt.


Jinksy said...

The end of self esteem and independence
comes on the wings of a Lost Boy's promise

Kutamun said...

Paradoxical Pan the mother figure !, what an interestng concept

Tess Kincaid said...

Wonderful...makes me want to dust off my shadow...

Tigerbrite said...

Good post. I enjoyed it thank you.