Week 6 of 52- Supplement This!

Hey Ho~
How are you doing out there with your healthy changes?

I am doing quite well with all these small changes from the book that Lorie and I (and Mary and NJ and a few other friends) are following. In the last 6 weeks since starting this book, I have lost 7 pounds!!!

This week's small change is a simple one~
Yet it is one thing, that I admit, I am not in a good habit of....

It's taking a simple multivitamin DAILY.

Just ONE multivitamin can make up for any lack we may have in our diets.
While we try to eat well....every day may not be balanced.

To be honest....I have a problem already with taking a regular vitamin as a daily habit.
I think it's because I feel it gets complicated so easily....

Like, I SHOULD also take:
a B-100 complex (because I feel so much better when I do)
and a Vitamin C (for immune system and aches and pain reduction)
and a baby aspirin (according to my physician it helps avoid stroke)
and Calcium (because I don't drink milk and AM calcium deficient).
and Vitamin D (because I am deficient due to blood tests...could actually take double D! :)
But taking those means the addition of 7 extra supplements (3 calcium is the dose on the bottle I have!) on top of the multivitamin and by the time I get them all gagged down, I feel like.... ICK.

But this week....well.....
I'm going to just try to focus on the ONE multivitamin for now and make a good change.

And you know what? That's a step in the right direction! :)

So are the other changes I've made so far:
*Drinking more water (I actually notice my intake now, and am aware when I fall short and make it up)

*Setting a regular bedtime (I try to get to bed at a set time to TRY to acquire 8 hours...not easy for a menopausal woman...but at least I'm there...and resting...and sometimes sleeping ;)

*Moving more (Yoga 3x week/dance tapes 2x week/plus taking extra steps throughout day)

*Keeping a daily food journal (a big help to be accountable....and to look back)

*Trying to be more optimistic (very helpful and it helps to keep your chin up and to be aware of where any negativity is coming from)

It's all good.

"If it's going to be...it's up to me."

Hang in there and come along with me for the ride.

And honeys?

Take your Vitamins :)

Because yesterday was my FIRST day of this week's challenge....

and I FORGOT (insert sheepish grin here)


InGothWeTruss said...

Thank you Merlyn, we all love sharing in your world, keep writing! Gives me inspiration and drive!
I take many supplements a day and added a couple more recently-like cranberry concentrate since I don't drink(beer)much anymore to keep me flushed out! hahaha And yes, I drink tons of water.
It also helps me to carry some vitamins with me in case I forgot and remember while out.
HUZZAH Merlyn, great work!

desdemona75 said...

I take my vitamins every morning when I make my coffee... it helps to keep my vitamins in the cabinet with my coffee cups - Coffee is my one "staple" every day.... it also helps that my multivitamins are chewie gummies (like for my little-man, only these are adult gummies!) I need to be better about my other accountabilities though...water, exercise, sleep...

Mary Mc said...

I know exactly how you feel about the vitamin thing Merlyn! it's the exact same reason I have not been taking vitamins on a regular basis. That coupled with the fact that I take a thyroid medication and can not take any vitamins within 4 hours of having taken it. HOWEVER, I did begin taking a calcium supplement + Vitamin D with my lunch at work a few weeks ago. This blog comes in very handy since I have only one more days worth left... one multivitamin supplement to be purchased on the morrow along with the calcium supplement! TY hun!!!! (If my identity does not still come through due to my technological deficiency, this is Mary! :)

I added cool smileys to this message... if you don't see them go to: http://s.exps.me