SPA week for a Minstrel and a Roadie?

Minstrels and Roadies don't have schedules.
I mean,
If we have to be somewhere, for Work....
We are SO there.
With bells on.
But we've probably stayed up WAY too late gigging....or working a stage call....
there is a possibility that we may have drank too much the night before...
to relax or socialize...
ate too many pretzels in the van...
or ate out of styrofoam or wax paper delivered junk food choices.....
and slept in WAY too late...or got up way too early to get to the next gig...

Getting a roadie going in the morning requires at LEAST a whole pot of coffee.
And then some.

I'm really an Early Bird by nature...but (by trying to be a good wife/Mate) I have tried to match the Late Owl schedule of my men. Not easy for an early riser.
While a late night is fine once in awhile, overall, it doesn't make me feel good.

Birdies rise early. Owls shine at night.

I'm a Merlyn Bird.
Harry is an Owl.

So I'd LOVE to R-U-N-N-O-F-T and take one of those Week long Spa Retreats that I've read so dreamily about.
You know the ones....
A week spent in some beautiful Resort, over looking a lake...
where you have a structured day...
Walks, yoga, hikes, health food, time for books, lectures, meditation, swimming...
Handsome earthy Yoga instructors with a calm Zen philosophy that you can daydream about while doing twisted poses...savoring healthy gourmet dinners, having intelligent conversations with other earthy, artist, Birkenstock wearing, Patchouli loving type people... some star gazing, talk of Astrology and your signs...and then an early mandatory bedtime.

A whole week of BLISS.

This last weekend I indulged myself and my sweet girls with a "Mommy Day" and we did facials, super conditioned our hair, and did manicures and pedicures, and added a glass of wine and a movie.
They really liked the time spent and the camaraderie.

So did I.
We are very silly together.
I don't know where my kids get it from....Shawna is my Buddha Baby.
This was the SEED of an IDEA....

a very delightfully WICKED idea...
(like the Grinch's Idea)
I surfed around to these different sites last year, and I made an amalgamated schedule.

You see,

Here's my PLAN that I started yesterday:

I'm gonna add some structure to my wild life. I will let you know how it goes.

6am Wake Up/Clean up/Awaken/Emails
7am Walk/Yoga
8:30am Breakfast
9-Noon Work/Projects
Noon Lunch
1-5pm Work/Projects/Sunbathing/Sauna/Nap/Personal
5pm Dinner
7-9pm Evening entertainment/Tea/Conversation
9-10pm Bath /book
10pm Bed (I'm trying to get 7-8 hours sleep)

I will have to adapt it a bit for my work schedule...

I'm also going to continue my themed weekday idea going:

Monday Put Away Day (don't clean, just put away stuff!!)
Tuesday Self Care Day
Wednesday Create
Thursday Learn Practice Study
Friday Implement
Saturday Play
Sunday Plan

Today is Day 2.

Yesterday went FABULOUS.
I did yoga, walked, got a lot done, sent poems off for possible publication, worked, went to my writing class, took care of myself lovingly, had a sumptuous Honey Almond bubble bath, and above all...

I ENJOYED the process.

Life is what you make it.
While I'd like to go somewhere fabulous and do all those things...

who says you can't bloom where you are planted?

While I can't guarantee I can motivate the Roadie....

This Minstrel IS on her way....
and wishing you the very best.

Have a ZEN Day.


Ghost of Jacob Marley said...

Hey Merlyn, If you ever want a Spa day. I do Hot and Cool Stone Reiki Treatments at my apartment in Lafayette. I've done day long treatments for friends!!! Let me know. In the meantime, blessings on your structure.

Merlyn said...

I knew I loved you :)
now there's ANOTHER reason.