Mag 108- Archeologic Remains

Look within- the books say
Look up to the heavens, say the priests
Look to your feet, says the guru
Look in the mirror- says your face

There may be a snake
with poison fangs
or a badger
teeth bared and claws at the ready


Decaying skeletons
a bony finger of truth

There may be buried treasure
coins buried long ago
set aside
for the day you forgot them

Wrapped in dusty calico
in a disintegrating shoe box
folded in the dated newspaper
of the day you buried

this Pandora's Box

the best and worst part of you

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Brian Miller said...

sounds like a box you def do not want to open...the best and worst of you is a good thing to know though...

Tess Kincaid said...

Snakes and badgers and skeletons...oh my! We all have those old shoe boxes...

Helen said...

Pandora's Box ... love it!

Berowne said...

Interesting to think of the vast quantity of fascinating material lost, forever, in buried boxes...

Sue said...

So much to learn by looking...I think I would have to go there.


Wayne Pitchko said...

i really like this....thanks for sharing

Gail said...

Wonderful imagary, full of possibilities...great job.

Anonymous said...

life is one big puzzle

depth of field

hyperCRYPTICal said...

I think I might have to look...

Anna :o]