image by Sarolta Ban

Mag 107

He had given her the script.

She had read it.

She decided to improvise.

It was the Yin Yang of his life.

Tomorrow he would command
The Board
The Office
The Staff
His Wife
The Kids
The dog

But today he was nothing.

Scum of the earth.

The toilet water was his commanded beverage for the day.

He happily paid her very well

for this weekly pleasure.

This week's Magpie Tale poem was inspired by reading the steamy memoir:
"Whipsmart" by Melissa Febos.
I don't pick the weekly pics.
How'ere...this was right up that alley. (ahem)

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Brian Miller said...

you know...finding that balance is def a thing...and for one area not having to make decisions, i can understand that....but i might draw the line at toilet water...ha

Merlyn said...

Indeed :) I think most would, but I loved those demanding eyes and the adoring man who would do anything for her...

Sue said...

A dubious drink, indeed, but whatever floats his boat, I guess.


Wander said...

This was a good spin!


Trellissimo said...


Tess Kincaid said...

Toilet water eh? And I don't think you're talking about the cologne...

Merlyn said...

Very clever Tess! :)