StoryBook Club~ Damsels in Distress

Last ee'en we donned our nicest suit of armor, picked up our sword and shield and went off to search for "Damsels in Distress" as part of our monthly StoryBook quest!
And we found them!

In all kinds of stories, from myths and fables, to classic storybooks, to modern movies.

Just a few named were: Gwenivere, Shirley Temple movies, Beowulf, nearly ALL the Disney stories, modern day movie shoot 'em ups (where there is almost always a female kidnapped or at risk), Super hero comics and YES....cartoons.
Society it seems, has delivered to us the notion that women are silly creatures and need protecting and saving from their own families and even their own selves.
 Only recently, has society started changing its tune, with the role models changing as well.

The movie "Shrek" for instance has Fiona actually staying as an Ogre and all Princesses in that movie rocked and came to save the day! The princess Mulan actually was The rescuer instead of the rescuee.

Movies and shows like: "The Devil wears Prada", "Charmed" and the "Big Bang Theory" are starting to show that women can be both beautiful, practical and smart and in charge.  

While there is good reason why we all have roles to play, nothing is written in stone these days, what with Stay at home Dads, and Career Women... sometimes roles can be switched and all is still well.

It was a lovely evening with themed foods:
"Damsel Hair" (garlic & angel hair pasta), "Poison Apples" (baked apples),  "Curds & Whey" (cottage cheeses), Chocolate covered strawberry "Roses", Fresh bread with cinnamon and sugar and berries, "Fresh Cherries" (in honor of the Maidenhead ;), "Lady Finger" pastries and of course, Chocolate!
the centerpieces on the table were Corsets, Gowns, roses and of course....Froggy Princes :)

We also watched "The Princess Bride" (..."as you wish" :)

All in all a very lovely and silly time with stories of our own that included our versions of Damsels in Distress were told (most of which included bats or flat tires.... :)

And while I would tell you that I am an Independant woman, and have "evolved"...

Call it a weakness.....

but I would be lying, for I too, am always willing to trade you for changing my flat tire
to do your laundry instead :)

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