52 Changes - Week 1 & 2: To sleep, perchance...to dream....

"In restless dreams I walk alone,
down the streets of cobblestone..."

"Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains ...."


It's been something that has been elusive for me in a solid form for awhile....

But this is changing.

I have embarked on a Journey with a friend. She bought me a book that we could share. And serendipitously, I had already tried to order that self same book at the library, but it was a new release so I was forced to wait. Unbeknownst to her, she read my mind. Either I am good at sending vibes (which I am I have been told) or she can read my mind (which after all these years, is probably also true).

The book is:
"52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier Healthier You"
by Brett Blumenthall

Now, many of you that follow me here, know that I've been constantly making changes in my life. I am a Gemini and I like novelty and change, for the most part. Change is good, if not a bit hard or scary but it can be a breath of fresh air.

This book takes you, one step at a time, one changed item at a time, one week at a time to better habits.

The first week, last week, we started the book at the beginning with HYDRATING.

Because most of us don't drink enough water. To increase my intake of water, and to flush out toxins, I am managing an intake of 1/2 my weight of water in ounces each day. It was surely interesting that some folks freaked out about it being "dangerous" and "fatal". Come on. While too much water (like a gallon) in a short period of time (an hour) has the capacity to dilute the salt in your body and not give your heart the electric shock reminder to pump and you have a heart attack, is a possibility...
Drinking the correct amount of water spread out over the day is not dangerous, but helpful for you.

I knew a lady once who actually said, "Oh, I NEVER drink water!"
I asked her, "What do you drink then?"
"I only drink soda."

She's 750 pounds now.

Hmmmmmm. Think there's a correlation there?

So, last week went "swimmingly well", if I say so myself. Christ, I had to pee a lot tho. But that's ok. I lost 2 pounds! I'm also keeping to my daily BP readings, and keeping to my personally imposed calorie intake of 1400 cals. Walking Monty Joe Joe is a pleasure. I've also started back to my Yoga schedule of 3x a week. (Although I did it about 5x last week, as my back was bothering me).

I am at the age now, (51) that menopause is an issue. Been reading on the subject, and guess what I found out?
It's not my fault!
(always good to know :)

Weight adds on during this stage...up to 7-10 pounds...
even if you don't change a thing about your diet or exercise!
AND it's harder to get rid of.
No longer can you just drop those 5 pounds like you used to be able to so easily!
And sleep is off and on and off and on....mostly due to hot flashes where I find myself buck ass naked on top of all the covers in the middle of the night, in the middle of winter with the heat turned down.

So, knowing all that, and taking some precautions, I'm feeling better.

This week's "Small Change" is to try to get some better sleep. And it's funny, because after all the water, and the yoga...I AM already sleeping better.

Monty Joe and I are early birds and not the night owl that Harry is....
The doggy and I tend to peter out about 10pm and sometimes Monty goes to bed before I do.
But then again, we are up early and we like the quiet time in the morning.

So, here's to you, and here's to this week's Sleep Exercise plan to get at least 7-8 of hours sleep a night.

My plan, as always, is a HOT bath....and I will add reading a few pages of a book to this mix, in my bed tonight...

I am going to prep this with changing the sheets special and adding darker curtains to our bedroom for snuggles.


Monty likes this idea.

I think it's working already :)

Mag 106- Andy's Eyes

Andy's Eyes

Rows & Rows
of nicely displayed
comfort food
makes me think
even mundane life
has beauty
simple nuance.

For more poetry, about this picture, submitted from other wonderful authors

Composite Me

 You know, I've always dreamed, made goals, plans, to do lists, counted calories,
did the "I shoulds" for the most part...

But maybe I've been doing things like that and it's been the wrong way.

Maybe I should hold a different image of myself.

What would I wish to be?

They say in society we can be whatever image we want to be.

My life has come to some conclusions.
College, marriages, kids, home, career. All somewhat accomplished and in my back pocket.

What now?

My wishes include: travel, a kick ass body, money, love, lust, fantasy and fame. Oh, and adoring fans too :)


What would this Vixen look like?
Well, she'd look like ME, only UBER me, more svelte, more tan and with longer hair.
 (and TALLER....as a friend recently said, "There is no one shorter than you." :(

What would this ideal Vixen act like?
Well, for starters, she'd be more immune to assholes and bullshit, she'd suffer no fools, she'd be sensible, down to earth, emotionally in control of herself, content with what life has given her, yet still up for adventure and FUN.   

Sort of cross between:
Me, Loreena McKennitt, Madonna, Candace Night, Janis Joplin, Mary Magdalene....and Rita Rudner :)
 Aside from the part where I need: money, a full time counselor, a life coach, personal trainer, fashion consultant. chiropractor, personal massage therapist, dance instructor and agent.....

I think it is doable

I think I will attempt to put this image out there for me to follow as a beacon.
 OH Naughty, Naughty Zoot.....

StoryBook Club~ Damsels in Distress

Last ee'en we donned our nicest suit of armor, picked up our sword and shield and went off to search for "Damsels in Distress" as part of our monthly StoryBook quest!
And we found them!

In all kinds of stories, from myths and fables, to classic storybooks, to modern movies.

Just a few named were: Gwenivere, Shirley Temple movies, Beowulf, nearly ALL the Disney stories, modern day movie shoot 'em ups (where there is almost always a female kidnapped or at risk), Super hero comics and YES....cartoons.
Society it seems, has delivered to us the notion that women are silly creatures and need protecting and saving from their own families and even their own selves.
 Only recently, has society started changing its tune, with the role models changing as well.

The movie "Shrek" for instance has Fiona actually staying as an Ogre and all Princesses in that movie rocked and came to save the day! The princess Mulan actually was The rescuer instead of the rescuee.

Movies and shows like: "The Devil wears Prada", "Charmed" and the "Big Bang Theory" are starting to show that women can be both beautiful, practical and smart and in charge.  

While there is good reason why we all have roles to play, nothing is written in stone these days, what with Stay at home Dads, and Career Women... sometimes roles can be switched and all is still well.

It was a lovely evening with themed foods:
"Damsel Hair" (garlic & angel hair pasta), "Poison Apples" (baked apples),  "Curds & Whey" (cottage cheeses), Chocolate covered strawberry "Roses", Fresh bread with cinnamon and sugar and berries, "Fresh Cherries" (in honor of the Maidenhead ;), "Lady Finger" pastries and of course, Chocolate!
the centerpieces on the table were Corsets, Gowns, roses and of course....Froggy Princes :)

We also watched "The Princess Bride" (..."as you wish" :)

All in all a very lovely and silly time with stories of our own that included our versions of Damsels in Distress were told (most of which included bats or flat tires.... :)

And while I would tell you that I am an Independant woman, and have "evolved"...

Call it a weakness.....

but I would be lying, for I too, am always willing to trade you for changing my flat tire
to do your laundry instead :)

Mag 104

Of all the loves

Of all the embraces

Of all the promises 
and fantasies

That time cannot erase....

Desire be a poor fool

And temptation a sly seductress....

You will find that time 

cannot outshine

A love like mine.

A writing project just for fun by writers who are having it :)

Mag 103

                                                               Mag 103
                                     a grave at the Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow

                                              Of all the things you took from me, 

                                                          You forgot one.....

                                                                My lasting love.

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Mag 102

                                Red Spot II, Wallisy Kandinsky

There's lots on my plate.

Logic, Lore, Magick, Math.

To-do lists of laundry and paybacks.

Chaos surrounded by decorative Order.

Loving friends and posers with no remorse

I'm glad that the Love Apple is my main course.

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