Dragons & Fairies & Orbs, oh my!

The faire was AWESOME.
 The weather was great, about 80 degrees, sunny and a bit of a breeze. Being from the frozen north, it IS good to escape the weary, dreary weather and have a break with real SUNSHINE.
It is a tonic. So is being in garb, meeting friends, playing music!

We are blessed to have friends and fans down here so far away from home!

There were some fun things hither today!

Anoles at St. George's Dragon Orphange! (these little critters changed color when put on my 12 string :) At first they were dark brown, and when they rested on my guitar and I played it a bit, they turned bright green with the vibrations! Kewl huh?
And this is what a Renaissance Faire "Rolls Royce" looks like. Now, THAT'S a hood ornament!
Check this out my StoryBook Friends!
An antique Vampire Killer Kit! Complete with Cross, wooden stakes, strychnine, Holy water, garlic oil, hammer, dagger....a bargain at the Manna booth for $175!
Tonight was the last night of the faire. We played at the pub for our final set and it ROCKED. Faire patrons were all waiting for us and buying us pints at the last set!  I couldn't drink them fast enough!! I gave away about 3 pints that were backing up....Here's Hoppe and some of the great waitstaff there at the pub.
 This fellow, Aradon, even danced his boots off! (NOTE boot :
Should you take advice from a devil with a fiddle? :) Will played with us a lot and it was wicked fun!
Faire friends~

 Oh, did I tell you that Miss Wisconsin came to our sets today? AGAIN? She asked us when we were going "back to Wisconsin to Bristol Faire again". (We've never even ever been there ONCE :)

Thought you'd like that.

Here's PROOF :)
 Check out the ORBS here after the last of the music was done on the last night of faire!
The Orbs even followed us to the car for the way home! BTW...Abby told me when she saw this pic, that the tail lights on the car nor the inside car lights were on when this pic was taken. Sure looks like it though, aye?
My heart is warm.
We are home at Dre & Max's. Harry has taken our Suburu into a shop Max recommended. It is shimmying and shaking our liver out. Terry, the director of the faire, (who owns a garage) thinks it sounds like a tie rod. I'm amazed we have gotten around the whole state as much as we have! We've been to the bottom of the state and back up to Universal Studios and back again. I do NOT wish to get stranded in south bumfuck with a tie rod or broken transmission (resulting problem) off some exit in God knows where....at Bubba's garage...saying "You sure are purty....so (hack) you got some engine problems huh??" And then ...hearing BANJOES.
So we've traveled hither and yon all over the long state of Florida...
over the Alligator Alley back and forth,
over the Skyway Bridge 3x...
and I guess the Magick of this part of the trip is that, unbeknownst to us, the tires on the left side of the car were 205s and the ones on the right side of the car were 215s. How weird. We've had it in to several shops since we bought it and nobody caught it....

Then over time, the car, wiggling over the miles being "sided" wrong, made the "boot of the cv joint" break on the way down...all the grease came out of the joint over our journey. We are lucky, lucky, lucky.

Am now in process of getting it all fixed and eating Max & Dre's leftovers and will head out on the morrow for points North...

Gods willing and the creek don't rise.

As I said, it's been a really lucky and Magickal journey!!

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Debbi said...

Drive safe - see you soon!
We missed you!