Walking the Janus path

I like New Year's Resolutions.

Some people hate them,
or don't make them,
or drop them shortly after January 6th, when the Epiphany strikes them that they aren't going to follow their resolutions...

I feel I am always in need of an adjustment in my ever growing life and world.
I am constantly upgrading.
Merlyn 7.0

But how to start?
I start by making a list of my "Goals" this time of year,
and then I break it down to monthly lists/weekly lists.
I shoot for really trying to work on them all year long.

After making my yearly, monthly, and weekly lists,
I keep them on my clipboard which is my circular file for ongoing ideas and thoughts.
The resolutions then make it to the last page.

I was sorting out my clipboard and I found my list for the last two years running.
It is interesting looking back.

Like Janus.
2010 wants were:
To organize working on my writings, change out 3 windows of the house, get my car on the road, a proposal out, to learn certain songs, to paint the porch and to back up my writings.
I DID all those things! I crossed them OFF my list!

Some things that weren't crossed off that year were:
To lose 25#, to plan 3 outings to visit Cathedrals, permanent awning over the hot tub, deal the foundation under the porch and to finish the Christmas CD.

The 2011 wants were:

To start a StoryBook Club, To start a Creativity Circle, Cataract Surgeries, fix the porch roof,  make a Civil War Show, get a dumpster for a spring cleanup, fix the grill, build a new garb rack, finish "Heroes & Rogues" CD and put roll up blinds on the porch.
I did all those things! I crossed them off my list!

The ones that were NOT crossed off were:
Finish organizing cleaning the living room, fix the generator, touch up the steps, and make another video.

2010's  "lose 25# was nearly completed (albeit a year later...and please don't count the holiday pounds I've put back on ...they are going SOON. ) and I DID visit St.Patrick's Cathedral....and we are currently finishing the Christmas CD now.

Some things take time to cook, I guess. :)

As I said, it's good to make resolutions. I mean, how do you wind up where you want to be, without a plan?

My Map this year for 2012 looks like this:

To get on with my life with daily love and happiness
To find new love....starting with loving myself
To finish one of my books in progress.
New Website
Miriam video done
Christmas CD done
Get Harry playing more fiddle this year
Merlyn playing mandolin more
Buy another autoharp
Make a "Spirit Show".
Get the Generator fixed (yes, it's still a carryover from 2010 :)
Sell the Cottage....buy a pop up camper.
and the most important:
A Beautiful, Adjusted, Inspiring, Happy Merlyn will Emerge this year :)

So Janus.....

I've looked back.
I've planted my feet in the snow.
I'm looking forward now.

The January Man     (released on our CD "Kismet" many Januarys' ago...)

Oh the January man he walks abroad in boots of leather
The February man still wipes the snow from off his hair and blows his hands
The man of March he sees the spring, and wonders what the year will bring, and hopes for better weather.
 In April rains, the man goes down to watch the birds come in to share the summer
 The man of May stands very still watching the children dance away the day
 In June the man inside the man is young and wants to lend a hand and grins at each newcomer.
 And in July the man in cotton shirt he sits and thinks on being idle.......
 The August man in thousands go to watch the waves and find the sun
 September man is standing near, to saddle up and disappear and autumn is his Bride-o.
 And the man in new October takes the reigns and early frost is on his shoulder
The poor November man sees fire and wind and mist and rain and icy air
December man looks thru the snow, to let 11 brothers know -they're all a little older.
 And the January man comes round again in woolen coat and boots of leather
To walk along that icy road
he knows so well
The January man is here
To walk along that icy road....

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