A door shuts ....a window opens...

To my readers and friends~

It's almost the end of another year.
And what a year it's been!
We've all seen the news and so I won't bore with recanting that...
but rather, would ask my fellow travelers, enchantresses and wizards...

How did you fare this year?

I've been thru a lot.

Mostly good things.

Some harrowing.
Some inspirational.
Some disruptive and devastating.
Some treading water.
Some shaking off excesses.
Some regrouping.
Some growth.

All for the better methinks.


I've given up on a love dream.
I've gained knowledge and truth.

I've lost some pounds.
I've gained eyesight.

I've gone thru a lot of money.
I've tried to keep up my car and home and heatlh.

I've sang a lot of songs.
Love and Lust songs....and Lived them.

I've sung a lot of drinking songs.
I've drank a lot of alcohol too.

I've taken care of my doggy, removed tumors and patched him up from his accident.
And he's returned the favor and is my bestest buddy and keeps me company.

I've worked hard.
I've laid around.

I've follow fanciful dreams.
I've taken out the mundane trash.

I've been to amazing Churches.
I've gone through Hell.

I've taken courses.
I've taught others.

I've cried on shoulders.
I've wiped others tears.

I've obsessed.
I've not given a damn.

I've overeaten.
I've fasted.

I've thrown things and shouted in anger.
I've held loved ones and prayed with them.

I've put my ducks in a row.
I've made terrible messes.

 I've shouted "I love you!" and "I hate you!"
on the very same day to the very same person....And occasionally, it was to me.

The thing is that I TRY.
"The Gods love those that try" they say.

And oh....
I am very trying :)

But here am I
At the end of this tumultuous year.
And all in all, it's been good.

I've grown,
I've shrunk,
my heart has experienced pain and pleasure.
I've seen faraway places, and enjoyed my own garden.
I am holding onto my mate, Harry's hand, while I stand on my own two feet.
I am well.
I am upright and breathing.

I hope you have enjoyed your ride with me here on my writings.

I shall endeavor to keep you informed, amused, shocked, comforted and all those contradictory things that this Gemini woman IS.

In finishing off this year...
I'm thinking about next year....

I want you to think about it too...

There will be a TEST.

From A Seeker of Good Things Always
Your Fellow Rider and Magician~

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LynnieBee said...

Huzzah!!! What a year it's been, I'll be blogging about it soon too :) So honored and blessed to have you as a fellow rider and companion on this journey, love you much!!!