~ Implementation

A day off, with a loose plan. Meandering with my steed this day, but on the right path.

Made a lot of ground especially on creative projects!

I've been working on a "Self Love" project. A friend responded to my special blog (not posted here) about what did I look like as a child? So I started looking thru pics and made a booklet called "The Book of Merlyn" (with apologies to T.H. White, and the "Once & Future King" one of my all time favorites)
...anyways...it's all pics of me, my important highlights for one reason or another.

It's interesting to look at yourself from a hawk's viewpoint.
Or a merlin's perhaps.
Thru the years.

You see patterns.
You see things in a different perspective.
Sort of detached and you can love yourself looking at yourself,...from a distance, sort of thing.

It's good to have an experience like this, to shape shift a bit and see yourself through different eyes.

So, I was creative, relaxed, took time for myself, (my Dove chocolate promise today, the first one out of the bag said, "Take time for yourself" )
 ...and so I did. and puttered. Implemented things into the mail, made me feel good to just DO. Took Monty for several rides and walks.  Am now lounging with Harry and wine....watching movies.

Kinda like staring into a fire.
Watching "Moby Dick" and checking out the story, movie, costuming, themes and symbolism.

Capt. Ahab sure was a dick.

Been really retrospective lately. You know, hindsight is 20/20.

I'm home.
I have adventured this day,
I have made progress.
I am well :)

Also, I did "implement" a new style of blog wall this day...which I really liked.
But I can't figure out how to "share" that blog with FB....so I am back to this format.

So you can implement and try things....and if it doesn't work out...
you go back to the way it was.

And that's ok too. :)

And YOU my lovies?? How did you do today?


Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Covered all the bases, took some time to play with kitties, read The Druids---well at least more of it. Interesting book. And wrote my quota--tho not sure I like it. Too close I think. Now to fix a hand out on Healing Quick for tomorrow's annual dinner. Nite!

Lynnie said...

Today I decided to write but first I looked for a recipe box filled with all the herbals and wines I used to make. All natural bath products, medicinals and just for funs. I haven't seen in it years. I walked into my rather messy (right now, it's on the tackle list for next week), went straight to a shelf, moved some cd's and there it was, lonely.
I went through the recipes and smiled. My penmanship has definitely changed over the years and not for the best! lol
I am going to use these as a basis for a new business, an apothecary light, that I am going to call Sage.

While I was in my office, I also spotted a little leather laced journal of handmade paper that was gifted to me years ago. I thought it might make a nice apothecary journal or perhaps even a Wise Craft journal. When I opened it, I had already started it. What I had written was, well...it was about how we as a society set things aside for the perfect time. We set dishes aside for holidays and wine glasses aside for the perfect date. We save recipes and conversations and dresses for just the right times. But what if that time never comes? What if it just sits because no time is deemed special enough, which isn't the point at all. Every moment is special and should be honoured as such.
I marveled at the book and how I thought I would save it for a special moment but then decided to use the book to save special moments.

Merlyn, I was so moved by my own words I nearly cried. I had written memories. Times that filled me with such joy. Snippets of days that touched me. I made a list of more I wanted to add and found another journal to make my Wise Craft journal.

I spent the day getting caught up in my day journal, I started my wise craft journal (and impressed myself with how far I've come) and have done some additional research for my apothecary journal. I have written fiction. Non-fiction. All by hand. I normally write every day but this has been a day of writing and it's been so enlightening.

Noah and I made little pizzas together. We sat and talked for hours about everything and nothing.

Mark is out to "guy night" and I have peaceful night so I treated myself to a self-done mani and pedi.

Some days are just made for little bits of bliss, nothing large or extravagant because really, the biggest magics seem to come from the smallest moments.

Lynnie said...

So I started this with my first post captcha word being "coven". This last one was "wizard"



Thanks for letting me ride with the pack.

Merlyn said...

NICE. Isn't this all just so magick??? :)
Loving what's happening with me, with you all, and to hear all your words and energies. Things are opening up in my life....and in yours as well. Both you, Dorothy, Lynn, Lorie, Steve, Diana, Fox, Nadia, Kristin,...we are all on our own separate paths with this Wizards Journey. Yet, we are able to share it with each other and we can all share the combined swirl of energy we are creating :) How WONDERFUL. We are so lucky to know each other, and to share our insights with each other.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

It appears I've wandered off on this journey. :)
But...."all who wander are not lost."

I've decided to add to my desire to move....I'd also like to own a vintage clothing store..........

Journey on.........

Diana Baretsky said...

Friday? Mani-pedi day. I was feeling kind of like a big ball of pain. Not complaining, the work I've done this past week has saved my husband from doing it, and made our little nest that much more comfortable. Also, I felt as if it'd be a slap in the face to Mother Nature, to not make best use of these wonderful few days. A rare gift, considering the calendar. Today, Saturday, and tomorrow, Sunday will be split focus days. Rebuilding our utility shed will be the big chore, but since all work and no play makes Jack and Jill duller than sh*t, there will also be shoe shopping, lovemaking, and a last Canandaigua Lake ride on the motorcycle. There will be absolutely no time for thinking about those who have done me ill, and continue to try to do so. I think I will succeed in making this a weekend to remember.

Merlyn said...

Wow! Nice hearing from you Fox on this, and we will totally support you in your dreams. And IMHO, I think a vintage clothing shop for you IS the ideal, perfect thing. Right on!

And Diana, may I say, that you have been shining this week! So full of vim and vigor (you know, we don't say the phrase vim and vigor enough :)and yes, the weather has been luscious. I have thought of raking leaves, but then I said, "nah" :) But I may do some this morning.

And my friends! Hold up on your steeds for a minute....let us make a circl here on our mounts. TODAY Harry is tackling FINISHING the cleanup of our shared office ...which we started ago a YEAR AGO this month!

I just want a clear path and a loveseat to sit on in there...(is that a lot to ask?)And he's already started taking out boxes and files to look at. Now, let's all put our wands together, and put a circle of good around Harry to finish it today! YAY!!

Maybe this ride is good for him too :)

Lynnie said...

Hey Harry...own it! Work it! :)