~ A Day of Conjuring

A magickal day. Our wands are our power of Creation, and I was directed to make some magick happen this day. 

For this was my "Create Day".

I started by getting up early, wrote a great story for my special blog readers, made up 3 notebooks with shows in them for our MM school gigs, and finished putting on iron on letters to a Civil War banner for our MM music stand!

I took Monty for a walk, dropped off pics at Staples for a photo artwork project and got this all done before work!

Magick INDEED.

It felt really good to create, to finish, to plan and have it come together!


I also have planned out my day for tomorrow which will be my special set aside day for:


I have my plan. I am liking these themed days.
They are working for me.
That way I can focus better and not have to take the world on....
but there are days for everything.

To everything there is a Season and a purpose unto Heaven. :)

How are you doing today?


LynnieBee said...

Feelin good :) Taking the time to read and cook and pamper myself :)

Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Feeling great joy in this weeks creativity. I am in love with my book. That is good and bad of course. Infatuated, I miss some of its glaring faults. Fortunately I can live this way all the way through the first draft which is months away--it is a big book. After than the honey moon is over and I have to move into editing mode. Unlike a husband/partner---you can make a book over. lol

Lynnie said...

I am loving life.

One of my goals is to keep the house organized and clean. This proves a challenge with two guys not on the same page but I've managed to pull it off. In addition, I've done much in the way of cooking creation, and even spent time yesterday reading a cookbook and making notes in it for all the changes I want to make- something I've been wanting to do for awhile.

Yesterday was also a glorious weather day so I surprised Mark by picking him up for lunch and taking him on a picnic to one of our favorite parks. After we walked one of the trails and just enjoyed each other and our time. It was sublime.

I was inspired to go find some post-Samhain pumpkins only to find my favorite produce stands closed, with the pumpkins out front taunting me. I parked anyway and a farmer driving by on his tractor came to talk with me. We chatted about the weather, the pie pumpkins and how they make excellent-everything-that-isn't-pie-food as well...and in the end I charmed him into selling me 3 pumpkins. I think I must have been glowing as brightly as the sun with my gratitude.

After dinner I taught Noah to play rummy, which is a game I used to love. Normally I ask him to play something and he turns me down. Imagine my delight when he said yes. It was so fulfilling, even though I lost every round. We listened to his techno music and chatted about that, school, his friends, life and avoided the school topic which is his stress point. The more time I spend with him, the more time I want to spend. I feel so greedy but he's such a wonderful young man. I know my time is limited with him now that he's 16 and I want to steal as many precious moments as I can.

My mother in law came over and instead of fretting over the state of the house, I was able to sit back and just enjoy the visit. Which I did tremendously.

The day was filled with simple magic.

Diana Baretsky said...

Once again, I started my day with a will to work. After all, my turtle steed plods along steadily, and still arrives at the desired destination. However, an unforseen problem has appeared on my optimistic horizon. Aching back, blistered hands, and a really bitchy-sharp pain in my neck have started to slow me down, seriously affecting my efforts. My roses are happy, my windows are twinkling in the sunshine, and I'm able to take a bit of pride in my surroundings. So I'm going to be pleased with that. For now. I'd love to try your themed days, Merlyn, but at this point in time, its mainly the weather I take as my guide. I've raked leaves in the rain, and have found it a daunting task, as the water weighs the leaves down considerably.