" Playing in the Water with a Kelpie" ~

Today is my "Play Day". 

I am enjoying my day and hoped you like this story that I played with :)

As a Wizard I stopped by Loch Ness this day, and pondered the still waters while Harry & I enjoyed a leisurely pipe full of rabbit tobacco, after which I was inspired to write this story (which also doubles as one of my assignments for Grey School of Wizardry.....always the practical magick wizard here.) 
My story subject matter this day is about a magickal creature called:

My ancestory is from Scotland on my father’s side, and so the stories of Scotland and its music are always of interest to me.

The Kelpie is a shapeshifting water horse, first and foremost. It is one of the fae, but it is one that spends its time alone, and does not associate with the other faery folk.

There are many variations of stories on this creature. The ones that stand out as being the most repeating, is that the Kelpie takes the form of a beautiful horse or handsome man.

In its horse form, the kelpie usually wanders like a lost horse or pony. It is usually black, and sometimes white. The kelpie’s skin is like a seal skin and its mane is usually dripping with water, damp, or has bits of seaweed entangled in it.

The kelpie then lures the unwary child or traveler to him, and when the person touches the horse, having gained its trust, the kelpie’s skin turns adhesive and the unfortunate soul is then “glued” to the animal. The kelpie then makes a beeline for the water, where it takes its hapless rider into the gloaming and drowns it in the dark depths, and eats it. 

It eats all except the heart and liver.

In its human form, the kelpie takes the form of a handsome man (or sometimes beautiful woman, although this is rarer) and presents itself to a woman traveling alone on the loch. When she falls in love with him, he then turns back to his water horse form, taking her out into the briny deep, and devours her after she has drowned.

They say that there are several waterhorse in the different lochs of Scotland. They say that the Loch Ness Monster is also a waterhorse, but there is so much publicity that it is hard to catch it.

Remember too, that the waterhorse/kelpie is one of the Fae. The kelpie is protected by magick to remain unseen, until it is too late.

The whole kelpie phenomenon, is, I think, an analogy for certain types of human behavior. I think of some people in this world that also operate this way. I have analzed the psychology of the kelpie to some human behavior as follows:

The person (or I’ll refer also here as “kelpie/person”) always present themselves as one particular way that is an illusion of how they really are in real life.. The kelpie/person usually appears lost. Vulnerable.

Then an unwary, kind person happens to meet them in a lonely part of their own journey. The kind person wants to help the poor animal (which is the nature of a kind person. To help, even if they are the ones who need help at the moment).

The kind person reaches out and touches the vulnerable kelpie-type person. Then the kelpie/person’s drama (or story, or situation, or good looks, or personality) captivates them.

The kind person reaches out to grab hold of the kelpie/person in their kindness, loneliness or desperation. Then the kelpie/person’s glamour turns to adhesive. The kind person is then fatally  GLUED. Cemented. You are now IN their story.

The kelpie/person now has you. It won’t let YOU go. It takes you, your heart and your emotions down to the depths of despair, for the count. After you struggle, and try to get away (and rare are the ones that do get away unscathed, once sucked in) the kelpie/person then drowns you, overwhelms your heart with pain and takes away your breath and yes, your lust or willingness for life. It devours you.

Then in its true form…it reverts…and goes back to the beginning….

To wait for another victim to enter their watery ever changing world.
The kelpie/person does not eat the heart or the liver though . You see, the kelpie/person never really falls in love or  lets  emotion actually affect its heart.

Neither does it detox itself and cleanse itself thru the liver’s function.

It is forever a heartless monster that preys on emotion.

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