Play is good for the Soul

 Today's theme was "Play Day" and I started it with sleeping in and enjoyed my honey and my bed for a little extra while this morning. After kicking up the Wizards Duel Quest plan all week, and doing such a good job on my progress all week, today was a good day to just ENJOY.

I went for a lovely walk with Monty, did some writing, I also raked leaves while chatting with Nick talking about StoryBook Club, did some sewing, worked on my MM banners and finished one! I enjoyed reading, having a hot bath and just relaxed with Harry, watching movies and puttering. Also, I decided I might make a new embroidered wall hanging...just dreaming up the layout now.... 

And a BONUS today!


Harry agreed (finally) to work on uncluttering our office. His pile was overflowing his desk and had engulfed the loveseat in there, making it unuseable for the last year. So NOW, tonight, after he worked on it for the whole day, he's made a lot of progress! It is encouraging and I feel that my path is opening up in front of me. The brush is clearing! :)
Monty has already found the loveseat and crashed on it and claimed it :)

I also have been re-reading a lot of Louise Hay's works, and together, we are watching several of her videos. Very encouraging, very inspiring! She uses "affirmations" to make positive changes in life.
If you haven't heard of Louise Hay, she's a motivational speaker, non-denomenational.

For it to really work for you, for positive change is that you must put the Affirmation into a "Present Tense" and act as if it's already acquired.

I liked some of these affirmations from her book "I can do it" - How to use affirmations to change your life":
Thought you might like some of them for ideas to use in your life:

"I radiate success and prosperity wherever I turn"

"I am discovering talents I did not know I had".

"I draw love and romance into my life and I accept it now." (I'd like to add lust to this one too :)

"I love and appreciate my body"

"I love me and take care of me."

"I do the work I love, with people I enjoy and I earn a good living".

"I am willing to change".

"My partner is the love of my life. We adore each other.

"My talents are in demand, and my unique gifts are appreciated by those around me."

"I do something new or at least different every day." 

These are fabulous, bolstering affirmations. Louise Hay suggests that you look at yourself and say your affirimations many, many times each day. That change starts happening within first, like a seed that grows and then blooms.

If you have something that you would like to add to your life, consider using affirmations to add it into your consciousness.

What affirmation would you like to use as your mantra?

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Lynnie said...

Yesterday was a work day for us, but it was one also of laughter and joy and togetherness. Noah raked and then we emptied the entire contents of our 3 season porch onto the front lawn, in piles marked "keep", "donate" and "trash".
It was incredible what we crammed onto there and what we rid ourselves of! I found things I'd been holding onto for sentimental sake, or for fear the person would come over and wonder where it went, but in honesty, none of it fit my aesthetic or need. So I let it doing so I realized I didn't have those worries any more.

Then we cleaned. I took all the windows out and washed them inside and out. We wiped down the walls and vacuumed up everything before neatly arranging the keep pile back in. It is now a lovely, comfy, usable space being the key word. I even have my herb drying racks up. :-D

After a fun dinner (potstickers, spaghetti squash spaghetti and salads) I decided to try out this hot bath thing. I'm tall. Bathtubs tend to not be long so I don't take them. Our new one is deep. I showered and then lit candles and incense, turned on my Loreena McKennit station on Pandora and soaked. It was good for my aching muscles and is perhaps the closest I've ever gotten to meditation, though that could be because I nearly fell asleep...that is until the music stopped and then suddenly my cozy bathroom filled with cheering and applause. I felt pretty awkward for a moment until I realized the song that was playing was recorded live.
Though a bit of applause just for being in the tub would have been nice too. lol

After that, Mark and Noah were already bonding over video games so I read.

It was a day of balance which did my Libra heart so proud.

Years ago I took to doing affirmations. There was that niggle of not being enough. As I've grown stronger and I've stopped caring what other people think, I don't necessarily need them like I used to. I just know I'm enough, that I can do what I set out to do and can weather any waves tossed at me.

Not that I'm perfect and don't need them at all, just when I do they are more along the lines of "Just Breathe", "You've got this" or "This moment is an allowed weakness, the next moment you will be better because life is wonderful."

And honestly, it is.