~ A Wizard's Trusty Steed

Good Day my traveling companions!

It is a crisp fall day and one suitable for horse’s breath and steaming cups of porridge!

How did you make out with rooting out your time bandits?

I saw your posts from yesterday, and I concur with all of you. Some are very universal, as in: the tiresome repeating emotional drivel we tell ourselves to wear ourselves down. As my mom used to say, when we hear such things in our head we should say: “Get thee behind me Satan!” (Of course, I was never comfortable having Satan BEHIND me. Would rather face him than have him as a backbiter anyday….) 
But surely I digress :)

My time bandit mostly consists of the Internet. I admit that I love to write and learn and research. I also love gossip and networking and having conversations and bolstering people. I get a lot of mail. I like to answer it personally and I like to make comments and jokes.

I will endeavor to do this LESS and focus on doing my Internet work only twice daily, morning and night in the future.

My current Estimated Time of Departure plan is that we set off on Samhain.


It is the New Year on the Earthen calendar, and a very fortuitous day for putting the past behind us and for making resolutions and moving FORWARD.

Forward in Friendship together, forward in love for OURSELVES, forward in PROGRESS towards our dreams.

So today, I would like to ask you to envision your STEED. 
(Not your STUD…for that, my dears, is a WHOLE n'other fantasy :)
But surely I digress.... :)

Now, what was I talking about again?
Oh yes :)

I have my steed already from a dream visualization journey in a Reiki class many years ago. It is still with me. It chose ME. Sometimes you can choose it, but sometimes it chooses YOU.

Our STEED represents our ENERGY.  Our LIFE FORCE. Our PASSION.
If you envision it as a horse, mule, unicorn, elephant or whatever, you must be a good caretaker of your mount.

I was raised on a working farm and feel very much at home in a stable.
Your daily duty, FIRST THING, (as some of you know that have animals) is to care for the livestock FIRST.

Before breakfast. You must care for your animals. Feed them, keep them clean, healthy and happy. You have to muck out the barn occasionally. They must have a place of safety from the weather and disease.

So I ask you today to do TWO THINGS:
     Envision your steed. Tell me what animal you will ride. What does your passion embody? Post here and tell us what animal/being you will ride in our quest together. Thusly, we will be able to identify you from a distance, and our animals will get to know each other in a troupe as we ride together.

2)    What does your body/energy(steed)  need to be fed? How can you make YOU happy? In other words, what feeds your soul? What gifts can you give yourself to have rewards and keep yourself happy, healthy and full of energy on our journey together? If you’ve never packed treats for yourself or your family when going on a long trip, then I just don’t understand you :)  
     Of course you will bring treats for yourself!


SO…..Let’s have fun!

Today is our last “work day” before we set off on Samhain. Post your thoughts hither. Sunday will be a down day to congratulate ourselves for all the great progress we’ve made this week!

You’ve done awesome!

You are finding a new path!

Sunday will be a day of rest to enjoy our moments, a day to PLAN your week ahead.

 Monday, we start a NEW YEAR, as we set off on the actual DOING of our adventure. The adventure of pursuing our DREAMS.

Are you ready?
Are you psyched for it?

“The road to a friend’s house is never long.”

So……Be your own best friend  :)


Debbi said...

My protector is the White Lioness... don't know why she chose me.... but she did. She is with me most days just observing...

Dorothy L. Abrams said...

O how Shamanic of you! My steed is my spirit horse, a fine pecheron stallion. Here's a link to one who looks something like him. http://www.google.com/url?source=imglanding&ct=img&q=http://www.infobarrel.com/media/image/5441.jpg&sa=X&ei=-lysTqDLOori0QHi0oyRDw&ved=0CA0Q8wc4HA&usg=AFQjCNFHn4sZJG9lMO-vNd9tf-TuAa0YQg I'll post it on FB so you can actually see the pix in case the link doesn't work. This phot doesn't do his eyes justice though.

He roams free so apart from an occasional apple or carrot treat he feeds himself. (Guard your oat fields. He has a voracious appetite!) And conveniently he needs no one to take care of his shite! He has a mate and a filly who is nearly grown these days. We ride hard and fast across the plains, along the sandy shore and through the air to the Upper World. Our treat is the wind in our hair, though a bag of pears and apples is a good thing.

We like music too, another treat for the road. and drums that sound like hooves on the frozen ground.

desdemona75 said...

I have to say, my animal is an Owl. Rather small to ride, but full of wisdom and yet often seen as an omen of misfortune. Not sure why, but I have always loved them. Though mostly solitary, they are also great rodent control... and I think I have some serious "rodent control" needed in my life :)

Diana Baretsky said...

Perhaps a tortoise or turtle would be my best traveling companion on this particular journey. Besides the fact that they are "slow and steady", they are also close to the ground. And from time to time, one needs to feel grounded, rather than having arms open to the sky. Too much Icarus can lead to singed wings. I'm packing him some lovely hibiscus blooms to munch on, because their beauty will salve his soul, as the taste fills his mouth. For myself, some apples ,grapes, cheese, hazelnuts, ginger snaps and a bottle of Magpie Pumpkinspiced Mead. Those are my favorite fall flavours, and will remind me of my perfect day.

Lynnie said...

Mine is a hybrid really- if a crow and a phoenix mated, that is my steed. Astute and strong, looking for shiny, curious and intelligent, social and dedicated, always rising up and reinventing itself to go farther and further.

Feeding it isn't as hard as one might think...it feeds on the creative- of mine or someone else's, is enriched by the elements and those things that are elemental (so really, all food...I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT FOOD- the growing, the reaping the cooking, the eating!) and is nourished by laughter and wonder.

And now I have the song "Ride On" in my head. :)