For the Love of a Selkie

Two Perspectives
Story 1: 
Woman falls for Selkie Male

For the love of a Selkie, I tried to keep him.
Handsome in body yet shallow of soul.
Devoted to me only as long as his true skin was hidden.
Passion, adventure and the salt sea were in his eyes.

He called to me from the water, and I waded in from the shore
Tho’ murky depths of seaweed did not hinder me, nor cause me fear
For he was with me, splashing, playing, cavorting in our sensual bliss
His heart engulfed mine and I believed he would not let me drown.

But Selkies have a short memory…
as short as the passing of a cloud over the sea.
Mysterious, it evaporates and he is gone.
There is nothing left now, but the coarse taste of my salt tears.

Story 2:   
Man falls for Selkie Woman

I watched the seal play in the water.
So swift and playful, so happy and carefree.
I wanted her.
I wanted to tame her.

I wanted to Own her POWER.
So I baited her.

When she came out of the water, she ate from my hand,
Trusted me, showed me her true form….
I stole her freedom and hid her skin from her. 

Even tho’ she cried and cried, I would not listen.
She became my wife. 
Devoted, submissive and nurturing to My will.
I had captured her. 

In heart, in body... she was mine.
But her spirit yet was untamed and untouched.
Even tho’ I had her keeping, she would never be mine.
We spoke a different language.

She looked past me... through me... to the call of the waves.
One day, she found me out.
She found the key... to my thievery of her heart.
She found the nature of my ultimate duplicity..

She found the ugly secret of who I really was.

She took back her Skin.

She took back her Power.

She Never looked back.


Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Ah synchronicity. I forgot you were doing a merfolk class. Does anyone there have info on Morveren the mermaid from Zennor Cornwall? I am on a mission to find out about her from folk lore and myth. I know about her personally. lol

Nice stories by the way.

Merlyn said...

Thank you. That means a lot coming from the writer and knowledgeable lady that you are :)