Creative Retail Therapy

Went to A.C. Moore and JoAnn fabrics this day and bought a package of embroidery floss, new needles and hoops and a selection of fabric alphabet letters and fabric to make music stand banners for Merry Mischief.

Bought a red tartan plaid and tartan alphabet for our Pirate show.

Bought an earthy fabric and white letters for our Erie Canal show banner.

Bought a red and white striped fabric for our Civil War show.

Thinking of not only making these banners, but embarking on another wallhanging of an appliqued landscaped scene.

The last two won prizes. One at the Amtrak Railroad Festival and another at the NYS fair. One is a quilted wall hanging of the last few cars and caboose of a train passing by thru the trees. It was dedicated to my Grandmother, "The wife of a Railroad Man".

The other one is smaller, it is a scene of Jonah, floating downward into the sea bottom, after sacrificing himself for his shipmates, and just seconds before being eaten up by the whale. It is called "Surrender".
I had been wondering at the time of its creation, what was in Jonah's mind to jump overboard, and give himself up to the water and to be able to put himself in the hands of the Gods.
It changed his life forever.

I do not know what I'd like to make next....

but want to get back to some handwork.

I love making Artwork from nothing but only my mind, fabric and a needle and thread.

Sitting in the evening, chatting and watching a movie while sewing or crocheting is very soothing to me.

But it's the stories that intrigue me.

Maybe Hera.....
Or Aphrodite dancing....
or Cyclops, the one eyed monster who sees only what he wants to see...
or maybe Mermaids eating the face off of a duped sailor who fell for their song.....

Who knows?

But first.....

Fun themed fabric minstrel banners for Merry Mischief :)

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