Simple Pleasures 8

A lot of residual pain and lack of energy today...but even so, I managed to get errands done and go to work.

Simple pleasures I'm thankful for:

1) Getting an email from a friend earlier in the week that said, "Don't underestimate the healing power of orgasms and ice cream.
I didn't have any ice cream :) It's not on my diet....
HOW"ERE.... I thank the Gods for good sex ;)

2) Stress relief (see #1 :)

3) Chinese food for lunch and Wonton broth and hot tea shared with my best buddy.

4) Tonic Water and a quarter of lime sure tastes like a "drink" even when you can't have one. (gods bless the antibiotics, but really.....soon...)

5) HOT baths.

6) Early bed with a good book. Reading Mary Stewart. AGAIN :)

All for now.

Hope you are enjoying a simple pleasure or two.

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