Simple Pleasures 27

Always look on the bright side of life.......(whistle..)

Today I am thankful for the good news part of the good news/bad news scenarios.

1) Dentists who give you a fair shake.
Went to go get started on getting my royal "crown" started today. There was a hair line fracture in the tooth that I just had the root canal on which is the one we were treating for the crown. After the temporary filling was removed, the decay ground out from under the old filling, and when it was ready to have it's "core buildup" I got some bad news. The tooth was too fragile to save with a crown. The dentist was straight up with me, and said that I could go ahead and cap it, but it probably wouldn't last and I would loose the tooth anyway....maybe a couple of years. Best to just reconstruct it, fix it with a filling, see how long I could go and go from there. Bad news is a bridge is 3x the cost of a crown. So I saved $1100 today. But should start saving for a bridge over trouble choppers. The dentist could've raked me for a crown too, but chose to help me with good advice. I like that. I will be gentle with myself and cross that "bridge" when I get there.

2) Harry had a total stranger pull up next to him at a traffic light and tell him he was missing his license plate.
Damned if he was! He thought it must've rusted and fell off. NO. Someone had stolen the plate and PUT THE SCREWS BACK IN. He called the cops to report it. The last time this happened, the plate was stolen off his van at the mechanics shop (it wasn't running at the time), vandals stole the plate....then stole a car to put the plate on it...then robbed a BANK. So, YAH....we reported the plate as stolen right away....
So he'll be getting different plates soon. Clean ones. AGAIN.

3) I am thankful for friends who hold my hand, let me put my head on their shoulder and drool on them when my mouth was frozen with novacaine :)

It's all good if you look at it so.


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