Simple Pleasures 25

Today was a fabulous day :)

Harry & I had our first day off together since about the middle of May! We puttered on our projects, me working on cleaning up the house, and Harry working on all of his props and projects for Screamer's Hollow.

We also had company over today, Lorie and Chris, Talon and Nick, for dinner, drinks and movies (Princess Bride/Thor/Priest) and a great visit all together.

Here are the things I am so happy and grateful for:

1) Getting my house prettified again, in a timely fashion before company.

2) Cooking. I just love to cook for company. I made roasted chickens, veggies, colcannon and "apple crack" :) It was totally a joy to cook and to share our food with our good friends.

3) Sitting on my porch, before anyone got here, enjoying a drink, reading my book, on a delightful late summer day.

4) Friends are my loved ones :) Loved ones are my friends. :)

5) Rest. Relaxation. Conversation.

6) A comfy couch and a puppy pile of loved ones, happy, calm, and safe.

7) Lorie brushed my hair! nice and so sweet and so calming. A very lovely experience. Thank you for offering. (my brush is always handy at a moment's notice  :)

8)  Pine candles.

89) My laptop....even if it does have sticky keys ever since I tripped on the cord and it fell off the end table (oh what a lovely ass over teakettle trip i made) .... and is now slower than helps me keep in touch...with YOU.


hugs and hope your day was great too! :)

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