Simple Pleasures 21

Keeping up with Lynn Barbato (who started me on this monthly mission of blogging for Sept. on our simple daily joys :)

I am grateful to the Universe today for the following:

1) Being able to DRIVE. I love to drive. I love my car. I love a fall day to drive my car. It rocks.

2) Picking up my baby girl Shawna (23) from her residence and having her spend the day with her mommy. She is STILL my baby (as is Miss Jesse -25) and I will always soak them up. (Granted I now LOVE my empty nest....) BUT I adore their visits with all my heart.

3) Sent Shawna out to "Pick all the RED tomatoes in the garden." (last time she picked red and green and left a bunch.... Shawna has Down's but it doesn't stop her from being the sweetest person alive). She came into the living room with a full bowl. "Here Mom" said she. I said, "Kewl, would you feel like washing them too?" She said, "Me DID." What a good girl. :)

4) I enjoyed picking up a wonderful pen and writing with it today. What a lovely simple pleasure to have a good PEN. :)

5) Made sauce from all those tomatoes. With garlic and cooked them down. Can't wait to have it tomorrow with meatballs!

6) Went to Open Mic tonight. Listened to some great music. Played some fun music and concocted a theme of "Garden/Flowers' music tonight on the fly in honor of Mabon (Autumnal Equinox) on this coming Friday. Soon there will be cider and apple jack and woodsmoke and sweaters and apple crisp and roasting chickens with friends chummy around my table!

7) Went to the "after party" after open mic. There was nothing to snack on but carbs (which I am not really eating). Popcorn, bread, chips, tortilla chips...all with yummy dip...but no veggies or anything. Also no wine. Just beer or diet soda. I was really proud of myself. I just visited happily with everyone and instead, declined the mindless eating in favor of coming home and having a glass of Cabernet. MMMMM. Much better!! :)

8) Forgot this one from yesterday. I went and got my hair washed, SUPER conditioned, and "microscopically" trimmed. Basically I just paid to have my hair played with. It feels SO soft today! LOVE IT!

9) Oh YAH. I lost another pound :) HUZZAH!

Hope you had a great day....


I Love you too.

Thanks for reading!

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