Simple Pleasures 18

A day of Scottish pleasures!

This was a FABULOUS day. A long drive with Harry, (3 hours each way) but very much worth the trip.

Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival.

I am thankful for these things....and granted, brace yerself, there's a lot of gratitude for FOOD.

1) A delicious Scotch egg for breakfast. Mmmmm.  (a hardboiled egg, wrapped in sausage, and rolled in bread crumbs, and den? Deep fried. :)

2) HAGGIS. We tried both the beef and the lamb again. I prefer the beef. Harry preferred the lamb. I YUMMED mine up. Such a treat!

3) I washed the haggis down with? A black and tan. Perfect.

4) Being out in the fresh air, by Lake Ontario, in the sunshine, with the wind and mild white caps....

5) surrounded by Mischievites and singing our favorite Celtic songs.

5) Coming home and having a HOT bath. I ached all over. Up early (5am) followed by a 3 hour drive, then 10:30am-noon show then 2:30-3:30 show, and den another 3 hour drive.....The HOT water was like a balm.

6) and this last one, that I've been meaning to say a special "thank you" to the Gods for ....
 and never remember till last at night after I've already posted ....
my BED.
Nightly when I crawl in, I am so thankful for my bed. Safe, warm, dry, good sheets, perfect firmness with the addition of perfect fluffy nature, my best and just right pillow, our comfy room, familiar surroundings, warm,  protected...with the bonus of being loved by my bed mate. It IS a good thing. I am a very lucky woman. :)

I hope your day was filled with small and simply wonderful pleasures :)

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