Highland Fling Weekend Story from Sterling Renaissance Festival!

This last weekend was "Highland Fling" at the Sterling Renaissance Festival and it was indeed a Celtic joy to be had.

We got the nod to do the opening piece of music on Saturday and we performed "Mist Covered Mountains" and we both enjoyed the weekend of Celtic music, ballads, pipers!!

We walked around with a bit of fun with our Celtic weekend "Mascot"....
a stuffed sheep named "Clover"!

I protected her from Scotsmen all weekend long.

Clover was very good.

So quiet and not "b-a-a-a-a-a-d" at all.

Our "Garbaholics Anonymous Meeting and Fashion Show" at our last set of the day (4:30 Falstaff Pub) was  a lot of fun and a real "hootman!!"

We featured "Tartans" and I was even able to demonstrate (with help from Limerick and a willing Yolanda) how to do a proper "kilt check". :)

There was also a NAKED Garbaholic Phil.....

and Will the Scotsman on a savage mission against the English.....
Complete with a dangerous looking stabbing shield...

The weather turned out to be just fine and we were blessed to NOT have the storms that blew all around us. We got a few sprinkles....just enough to make it a "nice soft day" as the Highlanders say.

I just asked Harry "what was your best moment at faire this weekend?"

He replied, "Sneaking a kiss from you backstage" :)

Well, that's sweet. :)


Hmmmmmm......that was very nice....but  I'd say that sitting on the Lemming Run playing tunes to folks that passed by was wonderful....

when my daughter Jesse jumped in the parade with me (cuz she was going in the same direction :) and I told her to do her "princess wave" for everyone....

having fiddlers and singers jump into a song here or there.....
Having Rick Figgins "Sing" (Sign) with us to a couple of our songs....

Click this to hear/see us "Wild Mountain Thyme" with Rick signing!

FREE ales and swigs of flasks as gifts  ....(hey, I'm a SCOT :)

All in all, a very fine weekend!

Here's a pic or two ye might fancy :)

Weaving the woolens....

 Beautiful lassies
 A kilted kiss :)
A pic of me w/ a Live "Heeland Coo" (Scottish for "Highland Cow" :)
Hurry! Only 2 more weekends left!

Hope to see YOU! :)


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